wettenhall and braley

are an emberasment to this league.

every damn commisioner that comes in theese 2 yahoo's hate. they way theese 2 can run people out of this league makes this league look like crap( so does the highschool stadium montreal uses)

Tom Wright has done a great job and theese to ownders for some reason cant get to like any of them.

The Alouettes use Molson Stadium cause they were unable to get fans to go to Olympic Stadium. The smaller venue is better for football, and they will use the Big Owe for playoff and GC games. If they expand Molson Stadium(which is used by UNIVERSITY OF MCGILL),it will be one of the best venues to watch a game from, it has tons of atmosphere, something even Commonwealth does not have.

no they use the smaller stadium because they dont have enough fans of the team to use the Big O through the season. and it would be emberrassing to have a 3 quarter empty stadium

Molson Stadium looks super with it packed all the time, fantastic. Call it a high school stadium (by US standards it very well could be in some parts there) but who cares, my experience is that it's more fun to be at a packed 20,000 seat stadium than to be in an 50,000 seat stadium with 25,000. But really, it's all what you want to make of it as a night/day out at the ballyard, I've had fun watching my old high school football team with about 100 fans standing around the field.

I would doubt any team in the league could consistantly fill a 70,000 seat stadium.

Not even for hockey in this country I don't think, even as much as Leaf fans woudl argue with this.

........careful there boy wonder.....Commonwealth holds what? 60K? 65?....and consistent crowds of 40K still make it only look 2/3s full......

lol no im at the game and everynight we get 40,000 plus every nigth and thats how you fill a big stadium..montreal couldnt even get 25,000 on the big O for a regular season game i bet.

but lets drop this..im wondering about the wettenhall and braley saga..whats everyone oppinion on theese to jokers

these two jokers. THESE!!! Once was bad, but come on.

I thought Campbell was the real Commissioner....... They both like him! :smiley: :smiley: