Can’t wait until Thursday.

Same here!!!

Ditto here in the Toronto area.
There are only a few of us, but we do appreciate this unique and only North league.

Long live the CFL! The TRUE North league.

Watching the end of the Raptors game tonight (hoping they would win, especially since it would have meant no interference with Thursday’s opening of the CFL season), it occurred to me how awesome it would have been to see a CFL commercial with the following message…

“You think Canada has a great basketball team? You should see us play football!”

Ah, but to dream…

Not that I’m at all inclined toward friendly relations with Johnny Ticat slayer, but in this case I agree 100%.

I think TSN and the CFL should put a commercial for the CFL upcoming season but wishing the Raptors success for Thursday night so have some Raps stuff in the commercial as well. Come on TSN and CFL, this could be a win/win or as win/win as you can get situation in a situation that isn’t so great as come Raptors game time, most Canadians sports eyes will be glued to the Raptors game. A good thing in some ways TSN will be carrying the Raptors game Thursday night actually.


cfl anything should be about cfl only.

sucks when booth guys talk about raptors or any other sport league during a game.

Hell, they even talked about the raptors during Team Canada’s World Cup game today. arrrrggggggg

So that would make Canpl the #wetheothernorthleague? 8)

And the CHL the #wethemostlynorthleague?

Ticats have moved the start time of the game to 7:00 and will be showing the remainder of the Raptors game on the jumbotron after the game. Now we just need the weather to cooperate.

I’ll go further … let’s not use any “wethenorth” Craptors stuff … The Timberwolves and Trail Blazers are further north than Toronto … and not all of Canada cheers for the Raptors … lots of Lakers, Celtics, Sonics (in the day), etc. fans.

Yes, weather isn’t looking good for Thursday around these parts. 80% risk thunderstorms, but hopefully won’t happen in the evening.

I agree.

I personally don’t agree, many football players have played basketball and this is a first for a Canadian NBA team in the NBA Finals. Not having some fun and excitement with this on the part of the CFL would show a very insecure and insular attitude I believe. Good on the Argos as well:

Agreed. I’m actually surprised at the anti-Raptor sentiment. Anything that brings positive attention to athletics in Canada is a good thing. As I mentioned in a different forum, I just wish the CFL could find a way to get some exposure for our league during this historic run.

Well said Morris. ?

As well the TiCats and Argos have played basketball for charity ie:

Most of the anti-Raptor stuff comes from Hamilton fans. There has long been a huge rivalry between Hamilton and Toronto, and it often breeds full on hatred.

Toronto is the big business town, and Hamilton is the much smaller blue collar town. I was a police officer in Hamilton for 12 years, and the hatred - especially on the Hamilton side - runs very deep.

Anti Raptor not really . Canadian athletics ? ???

It’s fake nationalism that many hate .

Anti Toronto, Anti Big Corporation MLSE , Anti NO Canadians playing in the finals but somehow we claim it as Canadian .

If we were going crazy for our national team it makes sense but this marketing Mcdonalds Happy meal we the north is sad excuse for being proud of Canada .

I agree. I haven’t seen such enthusiasm for a Team Canada in any sport since the 1972 Summit Series in hockey. Certainly not for Team Canada basketball teams.


Hank, yes, I hear you but much of the world is phoney and fake and I think the key to surviving well on this planet is to not get too wrapped up in the actual truth of it all for fear that it will drive us truly mad. I think the below saying sometimes is better for one’s health. We are living in a crazy messed-up world and society in so many ways, it can be really disheartening when you think about it. But we have to carry on and I say keep on smiling as best we can.