Wetenhalls, sell the team!

Herb’s tweet from Sept. 19

To save everyone from asking after the fact, thought I’d let people know I won’t be covering #AlsMTL game at Winnipeg Friday night. I had surgery Tuesday to remove a cancerous polyp from my bladder. Hope to return soon

12:40 PM · Sep 19, 2018

Lots of greed in there. When the renovations were made to the grand stands to build these luxury suites. The Wetenhall refused to listen to their management and priced these suites at 80 000.00. This pissed off their sponsors and discouraged companies.

Do the Math $80 000 divided by 9 games (unless you want to count the pre-season scrimmage) = close to $9000.00 a game or 900.00 per guest. (not counting the 15 percent sales tax)

All of the team’s problems are self-inflicted wounds. I believe they have since lowered the prices of the suites and attempt at bundling them into sponsorship or advertising deals. But the harm is done.

Thanks Tony.

Key word there is supposedly.

Usually these types of claims get released by ownership right before they ask for a government handout of some kind.

On a related note they JUST formulated a plan to try to sell tickets to Quebec businesses? Who were they targeting before? Utah businesses?

This letter to fans basically confirms Reed back in his functions.

So Andrew Wetenhall lied to the press and fans when he said everyone was evaluated fully at the conclusion of the season.

Reading the comment section on RDS. I think Wetenhall will be “SHOCKED” by how much business his football team will lose in the off season. I think they could lose as much as half their base.

One of the city’s reporters, forget who it was, mentioned that the business men behind the MLB and NBA bids were telling him that people don’t realize just how much business is booming in Montreal these days… if true that is good news for all sports franchises, present and future, looking for corporate money to buy seats & advertising.

But with a sub-standard stadium, sub-standard product on the field, sub-standard football ops & administrative team… it will still be a tough sell to convince anyone to spend money on the Als.
Sad but true.

Season ticket base for the Als was 10,000 going into the season? I can see it dropping at a bare minimum by a couple thousand, even if they fire Kavis and start fresh in 2019.

They will be sitting at 5000 to 7500, which doesn’t allow them to pay for their payroll and obligations during the off season. Wetenhall will be writing cheques monthly. A good reminder of the collection of poor decisions made.

Once the Bridge and Highway system is finally fixed (Sometimes in the next two to five years) Montreal should experience a boom. Especially if Americans stop messing with Trump and embrace their new economy.

Season tickets were actually 8500 going into 2018.

And this pearl of wisdom from Kavis in the story:

"I will promise that you’ll be proud of your franchise.?

Sheldon, is winning alone the answer? I mean would that solve the problem? Toronto won the Grey Cup last year and I read they got no bump in attendance or season ticket holders. Is Montreal different than Toronto? Are the attendance problems they have caused by different issues than the Als?

Again, you know nothing about this franchise. At one time this franchise was the poster child of profitability and professionalism in the CFL. Fans from every other team jealous of how well this franchise was run. They had to expand the stadium to make room because the team had waiting lists for season tickets. I use to have to buy my tickets months ahead and plan ahead when I came to town to watch a game. They would hold their playoff games and even sometimes regular season games at the Big O and got crowds of over 50 000 people.

Today, in spite of discounting tickets like crazy, the place is emptying itself.
Montreal has zero appetite for bad management, lack of transparency and outright lying to fans.

They’ve burned themselves with the Montreal football community.

No I don’t know anything about previous years since I and many others didn’t pay any attention to the CFL until Johnny Manziel came to Canada.

But Montreal isn’t the only franchise in the CFL that’s in trouble. Toronto and BC are also struggling. Toronto won the GC last year so winning alone is not the solution to the problem.
Why are Toronto and BC having problems? Could it be that there are more Canadians that are NFL fans than there are CFL fans?

Unfortunately I think in the three largest cities they have similar problems .

Toronto was wiped off the mat few years ago by terrible decisions they were getting there own stadium by guys who did not have the actual money . It was turning around then it got hoodwinked with Rogers and the Bills in the same stadium .It was over and never came back after a short resurgence .

Als were also terrible and folded with NFL stars attempts to sell the league then the big O was empty and never revived until a U2 concert brought them outside and downtown . With that came a very good team and fun games . Then it fell apart after GM Smith left and then Calvillo retired .

In BC it was solid then got big enough for a large stadium then it fell and resurged with the water boy GM Bob Ackles who knew how to sell the CFL . After he passed away they fell slowly where they are today with crowds similar to Montreal but better than Toronto .

All went up and fell back . The NFL has been a problem for years with perception but its no excuse there is enough CFL fans out there to bring in proper crowds .

But you see it here we eat our own .

The CFL lacks growth and that lack of growth is not healthy in any business it stagnates the league especially in the larger centres .

If you suggest things like winning a cup is too easy with our playoff format you will bring on the clouds of disgust .

The east has never been solid . But lets do the same thing over and over and see if it works . How do you sell a three horse race over and over again ? It doesn’t work anymore .

CFL needs a good kick in the behind but I fear sometimes it maybe too late . These changes should have came years ago .

I asked a question on the main board not one person answered is the CFL players better than 1961 compared to the NFL .

If we can’t answer with a positive that the CFL would be competitive in a half and half against the NFL then were in big trouble getting anyone else interested as we are actual die hard fans on this site .

I think 30 years ago maybe more Drew Brees . Russell Wilson and maybe even Mahomes would be in the CFL because of predetermined bias whether by race or height . Today we don’t get those guys anymore as the NFL smartened up .

CFL has management issues.

Half the league is community owned and sponging off in many ways off the public purse which makes these franchisesrisk averse and the rest are stuck in the bigger markets being dictated sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly how they must run their business.

The Commish is powerless and his office underfunded.

The continued over-reliance on TSN has been murder, not only has it made TSN complacent and lacking initiative (Can you say Rod Black?) Scheduling affecting butts in the stands and the destruction of local radio stations and media interest.

Constant fighting with CFLPA is making the product on the field worse. how do you put out quality football with 3 noncontact practices a week, a 3-week training camp and half the roster homeless migrants?

A crisis will soon be upon this old girl, Cohon saw it coming but the owners refused to listen.

Toronto suffers from Major League syndrome - they have the NBA, MLB, NHL, a 2 hr. drive to the NFL- and plain and simply consider the CFL to be minor league.

They have a small loyal fan base but it is an older demographic. They are now owned by a strong sports conglomerate in MLSE, have a credible HC and GM in Trestman and Popp,yet the attendance issues continue. Unfortunately I doubt if they will ever be solved.

Montreal is a different situation. Als fans have suffered the last 4-5 years by not only bad football, but bad management. They have lost credibility in the marketplace.

Put the current Redblacks, Tiger Cats, Blue Bombers, etc. in Montreal and Molson Stadium would be full.

Well said Sheldon.

x 2

No it’s more than major league syndrome that franchise has been under siege for two decades .

Toronto has had terrible optics after a brief resurgence . They did well for about two years and it was great . The place looked fantastic with good crowds as good as the brief Mcnall , Candy and Gretzky years .

Then boom One guy Braley owned the Argos and Lions at the same time . The league so desperate in Toronto allowed this to happen .

This hurt BC and Toronto .

Then it came out the former owner Cinnamon and the skillwalski guy something the owner before never had the money to own them and were bank rolled by Braley .

Then when Rogers had taken over the dome C and S renegaded on their new stadium for the Argos and went back with a lease at Rogers without full football rights.

So then you get the Bills series . Then there is a press release rumour C and S want to be part owners for the Bills franchise .

After that Then you have the Bills owner dying and Rogers and Tannenbaum the present owners of the Argos went after the Bills for Toronto .

Then you have them being given a time to get out by Rogers as they were being evicted from the dome . So then BMO is not suitable and the TFC doesn’t want to share the stadium and then politics take over and the Argos have a new home .

This franchise is not just about the majors it’s dysfunctional at the basic level of ownership for years ; I would say having lived thru the Ottawa nonsense and Montreal’s folding ;The Toronto franchise in the league by far has had the worse by far ownership . They should have folded . BUT

They can’t because of TV and because of that you ended up with the Ray trade which looked like they were helping the Argos on the 100 year anniversary of the Grey Cup.

There is much more I could go on .

If it was run right it would be okay .

It will take years to fix it .

MLSE doesn’t even bother to tarp the upper section at BMO on the TV side so that says to me they don’t really give a crap .

Your best advertisement to sell tickets and you look at 7000 empty RED seats at a modest sized stadium .

Lots of inventory folks why bother buying ahead of time . We don’t care .