Wetenhalls, sell the team!

Thank you for all you have done. But, for the past 6 years you have been destroying this team. It is clear that the CFL has evolved, and you have not followed.

Please sell the team, and let motivated owners rebuild it.

A change would be welcome … if things are bad enough, it may overcome Bob’s long-standing reluctance to sell … this may be the time for the Commissioner to get involved quietly and behind the scenes.

But if they sell the team, where else will junior still receive his mid 6 figure salary that he enjoys courtesy of papa Wetenhall?

Andrew is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley in NY, also owns a hotel. I dont think he relies on his fathers money at this point.

A couple of tweets today by Herb on the subject.

Herb Zurkowsky?

Seriously? You think they enjoy losing games AND money?

Herb Zurkowsky?

If it wasn’t for the Wetenhall family, there might not be pro football in Montreal. They pay the bills and have suffered massive deficits

Maybe that is his allowance.

At some point, where does one (Wettenhal) draw the line on the losses?

It’s their own fault if they have suffered losses! For the last 6 years, they have made many horrible decisions!

Attendance is great when the team is competitive. You can’t blame people for tuning out when the team misses the playoffs for 4 straight years; and when the current GM is 6-27!

Right now they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

If they keep the status quo with Kavis, fans and media will tune out.

If they clean house it will cost them beaucoup d`argent. New GM will want his own staff, his own coach who will want his own assistants, etc.

And I can`t see them selling as long as Bob is still around.

It’s like that show on AMC Bar Rescue where these people run themselves into the ground trying to run a bar business they know nothing about.

Maybe they can start a Sports franchise intervention TV Show.

:slight_smile: seen the show.

There is another son, Bob Jr, but Andrew also is on the payroll. So is his wife I believe.
Get rid of those salaries and a lot of these “losses” disappear.

This has been going on for over a decade, all money that should have been invested in the franchise. If you pool that money over 15 years there is 20 to 30 million there that would deal with any losses in down years. So their doing…

Speaking of Herb and the other guy in Hamilton, have these guys been fired or layedoff?

The Als nor any other CFL team is losing money anymore.It’s part hobby/part tax shelter
and it works just fine come tax time thus no desire to change their ways.Yes, the optics in
terms of attendance look bad but the numbers on the balance sheet work.This is not the Sam Berger
“I lost a million for Canada” era anymore. Braley, Rhodes and Reynolds have the league right
where they want it in terms of performance, so any calls for alarm are ignored.
The real question for 2019 is how will the Als/CFL spin the public plans for the return of the Montreal
Expos. Stephen Bronfman is going to unveil the plans for the new stadium come March during the
Blue Jays exhibition series and that is going to suck all the air out of the room for this market.
This will come on the heels of the league renegotiating it’s CBA(no guarantee it does not drag out till April).
Good times ahead.

And NBA talks of putting franchises in Montreal and Vancouver…

Herb was off last week for some sort of surgery.

The Impact is supposedly losing 11-12 million per year.


They plan on trying to sell tickets to Québec businesses to increase sales. So the Als are going to face even tougher competition trying to sell tickets to businesses and individuals.

It’s not looking good on the Montreal sports scene these days. When Johnny hears about the Expos coming back, he says “Yeah right”! ::slight_smile:

Saputo trying to sponge off tax payers again. That’s one thing we can credit Wetenhall, he never asked a penny from tax payers.

Add in another group laying the groundwork in hopes of bringing a NBA team to the city.

There is no doubt Wettenhall is losing millions per year on the Als at this point, even without the generous salaries to families and friends on the payroll.

-outdated stadium despite renovations - minimal private suites, loges, club seats. Compare this to stadiums in Hamilton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Edmonton.
-one smallish big screen - limits ad revenue…also applies to lack of electronic ribbon in the stadium.
-related to the above - given the antiquated stadium, there is a general lack of revenue opportunities -club areas in newer stadiums have areas sold for corporate naming rights.
-pathetic merchandise sales…probably the worst in the league given lack of areas inside and outside of the stadium to purchase merch.
-corporate sponsors have fallen drastically the past half-decade from what I have heard
-season tickets have fallen to around 10,000. Factor in reduced prices for single game tickets and the sale of tickets at massive discounts(blocks of seats for pennies on the dollar to corporations) and freebies to try and keep up appearances and it’s almost certain gate revenue has dipped substantially.

Given the current season, expect season tickets to fall by at least a few thousand this off-season with announced crowds likely to hover around 14-15,000 next year (actual crowds probably closer to 10,000 - 12,000). At that point, I would think losses will have succeeded $5 million annually if they haven’t already.