Wetenhall sell the team!

[i]THat’s right old man. Go off and smoke your cigarettes. Go away and bang your trophy wife of the week. Go make America great again!

Sell the team and fock off! :cowboy: [/i]

This is what needs to happen in the long term, for sure. But I will give Wetenhall one last benefit of the doubt. IF he ties a can to Popp this offseason and makes a good GM hire, then he'll at least have reassured the fanbase about the team's direction. If it's business as usual, he should sell the team.

At this point, he would be wise to turn the team over to his son Andrew and let the son rebuild this team with his own crew.

I don't think anyone would be interested in buying this team. There is no way to host a Grey Cup.

Wetenhall sell the team!

by Johnny Ticat slayer » Fri Aug 05, 2016 5:03 am
THat's right old man. Go off and smoke your cigarettes. Go away and bang your trophy wife of the week. Go make America great again!

Sell the team and fock off!

I really don' believe there is a group of wealthy persons just waiting to purchase the Montreal franchise, especially due to the club's poor showing in the past four years. Combined with Popp these two men have been the foundation of our team since it returned to the CFL. Since then Mr Wetenhall has been the owner, and he has been the source of funding required for this team to operate. Both men have to be credited with a very successful decade of success in past years. Despite the recent horrid 3+1/2 years of operation this owner remains responsible for the team's funding. It is well noted that the 5000 seat extension was a joint venture, with Mr Wetenhall providing a significant amount of dollars for this. I'm sure the franchise costs, during this recent time, must have unusually high due to the parade of coaches and assistants that have ventured to Montreal in this time, That Mr Wetenhall has continued his ownership during this "football recession" speaks well of the ongoing support he still provides to our football team and to the fans. Without the required funding, this team could operate.

[i]Oh geez... Beer, anger, watching your team go down the drain and internet access is a bad combination!

Johnny could have worded that more politely (just a bit :smiley: ).

Anyway, you guys all make good points. It is just so frustrating to watch the organisation that was the model franchise in the CFL for years, turn into a dysfunctional circus in 4 short years. And, there is no hope on the horizon for the short term. :frowning: [/i]

Error should be " this team could not operate".

Larry Smith.

Too old.

Too old?? Too smart as well.

He's 65 years old and has been out of football for almost ten years.

Let's bring back Don Matthews too ?

This franchise will need a young dynamic team willing to put in the workload required to rebuild this team.

Not too old for president of the team. He would kick some ass!

Here`s what our friend Rejean Tremblay wrote a week ago:

Jacques Tanguay, l’homme d’affaires bien connu, président des Remparts de Québec et du Rouge et Or, a horreur qu’on lui pose ce genre de question.
Du style: «Jacques, si t’étais le propriétaire des Alouettes, que ferais-tu pour relancer l’équipe?»
Il a essayé de se pousser pour ne pas avoir à répondre mais finalement, il a accepté de donner au moins un point de solution: « Pierre Vercheval. La première chose que je ferais serait de nommer Pierre Vercheval président de l’équipe. C’est tout un homme!» de dire Tanguay.
Cette opinion, ils sont plusieurs au Québec à la partager. Ce qui ne veut pas dire que l’actuel président des Alouettes, Mark Weightman fait du mauvais travail. Au contraire. Mais ­Weightman n’a pas la crédibilité de Vercheval auprès des amateurs de football. Et il est tout aussi évident que les Alouettes ont maintenant besoin d’un électrochoc majeur s’ils ne veulent pas sombrer.
Sauf qu’il faut se rappeler que le propriétaire n’est pas Jacques Tanguay mais Bob Wetenhall.

But its more than just a Pierre Vercheval. Its building a football operations staff that doesn`t strictly revolve around a Jim Popp or any one individual. Kind of like what Desjardins has done in Ottawa.

Why would he want to come back now?

President ! Mark Weightman is doing an incredible job. He managed to increase attendance and sponsorship last season in spite of Wetenhall and Popp !

Unfortunately for Mark he has no say in football ops and Smith didn't either at the end of his first stint, that's why he left. Second time around he lost a PR battle to Jim Popp.

Yes Pierre is HIGHLY respected but there is NO chance he would tie his wagon to Wetenhall... The way Smith and Lalonde were humiliated... LMAO! NO Chance.

Smith falsified attendance numbers by systematically giving away free tickets. He deserved his fate.

As for Tremblay, he can't compose a sentence that does not include the word Quebec. He has Zero credibilility when it comes to sport, especially football. To him I say shaddap you face.

BTW, where is LeStaf?

Is Larry not comfortably ensconced in the Canadian Senate ... mush easier work.

I could only see him back if he put together an ownership group to buy the team, got an ownership stake, and then became President, CEO and chairman of the board (total control),

My question would be whether Pierre has the business smarts/experience to fill the role of President. Under the right own/President he could make a good VP-Football Operations, freeing him from the sales/marketing/etc.

[i]Weightman is a great executive. But, he cannot create excitement around the team like Smith did. On Ben Cahoon night last week, when Weightman took the stand to make a speech about Cahoon, he was just awful! Completely flat and uninspiring. Johnny does not like saying this.

Weightman is a very competent administrator and he looks like a nice guy. But, he does not have the charisma of Larry Smith or Pierre Vercheval (who has been mentionned). That is one thing that is missing (along with a HC, and an owner who has not lost the plot). If Larry Smith would have taken the microphone on Ben Cahoon night, he would have given a speech for the ages. The man is a natural salesman. [/i]