Wetenhall behind Popp but non commital to HC position

[url=http://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/montreal-alouettes/alouettes-owner-offers-ringing-endorsement-of-gmcoach-popp]http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... coach-popp[/url]

This is an encouraging article. At least the owner is behind Jim while the situation indicates to him that Jim should continue to hold both positions, he's unsure if its fair to ask that of Jim. He's put himself in a difficult situation. Probably best that he leaves it up to Jim to decide what he wants to do.

I don't think Pop should hold both position next season. If he want to coach and owner is ok with that then find a new full time GM. We can't have a part time GM and a part time Head Coach...

I found this to be a very depressing article TBH. Shows me that Wetenhall has lost perspective on how to evaluate Popp, and that he doesn't see any reason to change the way the org has done business recently.

Je crois que cet endossement de Popp se veut une façon de prendre un peu de retrait sur les décisions importantes touchant le personnel de football de l'équipe. En soi, ça rejoint ce que plusieurs ici souhaitaient et ça devrait être relativement bien accueilli, sauf de la part de notre ami D&P et ceux qui concourent avec lui (ceci dit sans dénigrement, je précise).

Cependant, j'espère que Popp aura la sagesse de comprendre le message de son patron : ce n'est pas efficace de courir 2 lièvres à la fois. Les charges que Popp veut cumuler sont trop importantes pour un "entraîneur" de son calibre. Ses succès comme entraîneur-chef sont au mieux mitigés et il aurait avantage à laisser la charge à quelqu'un d'autre. Thorpe a déjà dit publiquement qu'il était prêt à faire le saut, aussi Popp devrait peut-être porter attention à ce que ça veut dire. Si l'équipe cherche une stabilité, une promotion à l'interne pourrait s'inscrire dans cette voie. Cependant, il va tout de même falloir faire une évaluation juste et réaliste du personnel d'entraîneurs et de joueurs. Il m'apparaît clair que ni Dinwiddie ni Calvillo ne sont prêts pour assumer la charge de coordonnateur à l'attaque, aussi j'espère qu'ils feront le même constat et chercheront un vrai coordonnateur à l'attaque, qui choisira son personnel. Je questionnerais aussi le travail d'André Bolduc, mais après la saison seulement. Si les receveurs continuent de performer comme ils l'ont fait contre les Argonauts, je suis disposé à lui laisser le bénéfice du doute.

Ce que je retiens, c'est que l'association des Wettenhall et de Popp avec l'équipe pour l'an prochain demeure. M. Wettenhall a servi ses avertissements à Popp et ce sera à ce dernier d'avoir la sagesse de réaliser ses limites comme entraîneur-chef, et le fait qu'occuper ce poste nuit à son travail de DG.

Du reste, ceci ne change en rien ce que j'ai exprimé dans ma lettre ouverte à monsieur Wettenhall.

Really he's like a kid sitting on the floor in front of his broken toy (a toy he broke).

So at least he's not trying to pass the buck. While he does not admit that it was a mistake hiring Higgins (Herb is too polite to press), he does say firing him was the right decision so it goes without saying that hiring him a year before was a mistake.

Going forward it is best for him to stay out of football related decisions. He may have been around football for 30 years but this league has changed so much since he bought the als... The commitment when he bought the team was much less than what is required today to be competitive.

I doubt Jim will hold both jobs very long but doing it for another year if it keeps the team from seeing guys like Kavis and Noel walk might be best. Calvillo is just getting started and its too early to tell if he can do the job. So if Jim walks its the equivalent of blowing up his staff. Even if he names one of his assistants as HC, he would have to tie their hands as to the staff they can put together.

[i]Well everything is great :roll:

Clusterfock of epic proportions.

So, in which city will the Alouettes be playing in, in 2018? Québec City, Halifax?[/i]

At this time it appears that Wetenhal will continue into 2015 as owner and, Popp will be trusted to continue as GM only. The task of ownership in the CFL is that of providing the funds, paying the bills to keep the team in operation. To date Wetenhall has done an excellent job at this and, he has give no indication of not continuing to maintain this task. He favors Popp to continue with the GM duties and, for the most part Popp has managed well in past years, including the vital function of vetting and bringing new players into the fold.But, Wetenhall did not rule out the possibility of Popp having still the dual role he occupies. While most of us want Popp to be GM only, we'll have to wait likely post season to see how this settles out. There certainly has been conflict in the management of this team in recent years. My guess would be that Popp while, aspiring towards the NFL, was neglectful of some of his GM duties, such as scouting and managing his group of scouts while, devoting most of his time to hunting out the NFL for his future employment. I would guess that Wetenhall had to be aware of this. Prior to this, Popp's bringing the useless Hawkins to the HC position was his one big disaster as GM. Wetenhall's folly was, bringing Higgins in as HC without Popp's consent, after which the team floundered. Hopefully the Owner and Popp will stick to their prime functions with Popp as full time GM and, the Owner will not attempt to micro manage the team as he did with appointing Higgens as HC. Finding a new HC has to be the prime management job at this point in time with Popp in charge, consulting with the Owner as needed. Popp must also energize his self and his staff at recruitment of new players. Should these two function as they did in years past, hopefully a new HC will emerge and, the acquisition of new football players will be under way.