Wet & Cold Day in Guelph

Tiger-Cat Fans get out your Rain Ponchos and Warm Weather gear for the Football Game today in Guelph, currently it is raining with a mix of flurries only a temp of 1c this afternoon to reach a high of 6c but 80% chance of rain, check out the weather network site on Guelph with the Tiger-Cat Image http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weathe ... rio/guelph

Enjoy the Game, Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!

They're also predicting wind gusts of up to 57 km/ph. Whatever you're wearing on your head there better be strapped down.






GO CATS GO!!!!! JUST WIN!!!!!BABY!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

With the game time forecast -- 80% chance it's raining, 4 degrees, feeling like minus 2, with SW winds averaging almost 40 and gusting to 57 km/hr -- my biggest concern is how will they -- Southern California guy C.J. and Jamaican born, Southern Florida raised Chevy -- handle it? And, will they hold onto it?
MTL's Sutton and Messam are both experienced at playing while shivering.

Going but don't promise to stay all game. I'm getting old and my wife - forever young and beautiful and the true joy of my life - isn't thoroughly convinced that this is a good plan for our day.

Boy the weather has not been kind to Hamilton this year in Guelph. Seems like half the games have been played in the rain. Hamilton fans are tough though, right? :slight_smile:

Rain/snow here in Northern Ontario. I can not see across the lake which means my satellite is out. Oh well, I will follow the GDT and enjoy my martini

Have tickets to the game as season ticket holders but will be watching this one from the living room. It's wild out there right now.

Aw come on Earl. We could meet each other therefor the first time... and then leave. After all, how many other old time posters who actually use their own names are there on this board?

I wish I could pay your for your tix earl and head to the game but im stuck in a cold and snowy Northern Sask today :expressionless:

Mark, admit if it was just me, I'd be going. I'm pussywhipped to some degree, will admit. :expressionless: :? But at least this wife is straight, unlike my first that decided the other team was her preference. :wink:

Okay. I guess I’ve got it good. When we were lying in bed this morning (I got back late from a trip last night) I looked outside and said that I might not go. Ruth readily agreed. However, once I mused that I might, she decided that she would go to. She may bundle up like a polar bear, however. Not a football fan when we first married 37 years ago, and still not a real football fan, but somehow crazily a fan of me… so she supports the Cats.

Guess I had better go and start getting ready. She’s upstairs looking for the woolies.

Get ready,Mark......but first you better make her a nice breakfast!!! :wink:

With all of these flattering comments about your dear wife, I'd guess that you are attempting to convince her
that going to the game on a day like today, is the right thing to do.

She sounds like a great gal though, much like my own who is beautiful, intelligent, a wonderful cook and an
inspiration to me and the kids.

There...now we both sound pathetic. :smiley:

Mark the first part of your quote is all that matters, the second is the icing on the cake!

Anybody hanging around for the double header? After the cats game, U of Guelph is playing U of Windsor in the OUA quarter finals. Starts at 8PM.

No breakfast, but we did go out to dinner after the game. We're saving dessert for tonight.

For those wondering.... we had a late dessert. It was wonderful! Thanks for the fire, Bobo.