Westwood's salary???

Does anyone know what the salary of Westwood is??? He should be cut and then use the extra cash to give Ryan a pay hike to keep him a bomber. Train him to place kick in the off season and next year - voila - league's best punter AND placekicker all in one!!! Can't go wrong with his strong leg! Also frees up an extra space on the roster for someone who can actually contribute to the team.

I know i'm hard on Westwood, but he seems to be in "la-la land" this year. Everytime he comes out to kick a field goal, he looks scared! :shock: Time for some new blood!

BTW - what an awesome run by Ryan on an ad-hoc play last night!!! :smiley:

I think that kickers make around $40-50k per season.

I agree, Ryan made the play of the game last night - that was huge and is why I voted Ryan as player of the game. If he runs out of bounds trying to protect himself, like most kickers do, we don't get the first down and the FG to make it a 2 possession game.