Westwood's article for canoe.ca

…I can’t believe you guys haven’t commented on this in here…

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2008/08/10/6404791-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-sun.html[/url]

…(if you have and I missed it I’ll erase this thread)…

…has berry lost this team?..

…now I heard that Westwood’s press credentials have been removed for tomorrow’s game against Hamilton as a penalty for his article…

Shows how bad Bombers are…
When they Take press credentials off Troy.

Every city has a tabloid rag like the Sun. In fact, I think just about every major city has the Sun. Here, we call it the Winnipeg Enquirer.

Westwood’s a good fit for tabloid trash. He feels the sting of betrayal for being kicked to the curb by an imbecile like Berry. His pens drips of poison ink as he spews his vitriol onto the papyrus. I bet he even has his own Doug Berry voodoo doll.

…PAPYRUS???is Troy writing from Egypt…i jest…Certain things have come to light about a few of Doug Berrys’ comments, IF and it’s a BIG IF…they have some foundation we definitely have trouble on this team…I have not heard a denial from Berry about one particular comment he made after t.c., which goes something like this …Berrys’ quote " remember, some of you guys are on this team, not necessarily because you are the most talented but because you are the cheapest"…I can’t imagine anyone saying that to his ball players and expecting to get respect…I wish Berry would address that one…kinda bugs me…Anyway … other things that Troy has written are deemed to be inappropriate according to the Bomber brass and is seen as a ‘sour grapes’ penned by a vidictive ex-player…Don’t know how much this is hurting the team…but this situation can’t be good…The bottom line is …this team will survive long after Westys’ little tirade…and in the long run is only hurting Troy and to some extent the Bombers image…IF that’s his intention…everyone concerned is looking like losers…just my take… :?

…apparently the Westwood article led to a Stegal-facilitated-player-only meeting the other day…according to Doug Brown, the story about Berry’s speach to the team was AFTER Westwood had been cut, so for him to get that info there was a mole in the BB dressing room…a good move by the vets to have the meeting, but is dissension too vast to re-group?..

…you know what fixes all of this?..winning…a win against the ticats would be a world of wonder for the BBs…

…you’re right RedW…It’s amazing how a win can soothe a bad situation…BUT…i think we have to string a few together to really turn things around…i know the talent is there…but is the heart??? :roll:

i think the one who spilled the beans was cvetovich (excuse my spelling) he seemed to be best freinds with troy?

I found Westwood’s article pretty good, actually. He’s correct that Berry does like to throw his players under the bus. He obviously got the information about players being kept because they’re cheap from someone, since it wouldn’t have prompted a reaction this drastic if it was false. And after spending so much time with the team, he does know his stuff.

Lets be honest. Milt Stegall doesn’t call a players only meeting because Westwood made stuff up in the paper. Doug Brown doesn’t talk about stuff staying in the locker room if Westwood made stuff up. The story is legit (and pretty interesting).

For the Bombers now to deny him media credentials is just petty and smells like censorship… He did his job as a columnist and got inside info. Suck it up. Is this team run by little girls whose feelings are hurt?

(In fact, today’s Sun article mentions that denying him credentials for writing a negative article is against league policy. If thats the case, I hope the league comes down hard on it. Interesting media coverage is better for the league then the fairytale world of only good news that the Bombers seem to want.)

Again, I take my hat off to Westwood. Great article that not one Bomber has actually DENIED. So instead they resort to petty crap like banning him from the press box for the rest of the season, which is going to bring heat on them from the FRC.

The mere fact that they called a meeting in response to his article tells me that: 1. it was completely true and 2. they are really unfocused right now or they’d be spending that energy preparing for the game.

I say if the shoe fits wear it BERRY! You can see him constantly ripping his players for every little mistake IE. Nugent tonight. An Offence Coordinator he may be but a Head Coach he is not. You don’t see Wally frothing at the mouth like Doug does when a player makes a mistake. I would like to see Marshall as our Head coach as he seems to have the respect of the players. Westwood is right the players do not have to like you but they have to respect you at some level otherwise they will not play for you. Doug’s hate for Westwood has really paid off with Serna hasn’t it? NOT!

…see?..a win makes everything better…well, maybe a few wins, but hey, one is a start…good job BBs…

…thanx Red…on the Berry thing…chewing guys out on the sidelines…Don’t kid yourself…other coaches do the same thing…only not as volatile…I’ve seen Stubler blow up on his guys and a coach (kinda felt sorry for that guy) and Wally B. just vents under his breath…but the temper-flare is definitely there…I don’t remember the Don being as animated and that’s who Berry supposedly learned his craft from…He could tone it down a bit…BUT HE’S THE ONE WHO HAS TO WEAR IT WITH HIS PLAYERS…and if it back-fires…price will be paid…I thought Nugent needed to get barked at…and Serna to a certain degree…unacceptable play by both… :roll:

…I see your point papa…I guess with years of Barker and Higgins as teh HC I’m used to a softie behind the bench :lol: …

Troy has played for many coaches… Troy has written an article that on its face seems to hold water. Troy admits he has an axe to grind. Troy got published in the paper. That must mean that Troy is an expert on how to build a winning team with members that are fully committed to both team and head coach. That must mean that Troy is fully capable of being a head coach in the CFL. That must mean that every team will be clamoring for Troy Westwood to coach their team to the Grey Cup. That must mean that anyone that thinks that Fred Reid could have stayed in the endzone of his own accord and gotten the ball spotted at the twenty; giving up the single thinks that Berry is instead out of touch with reality. That means that the Blue Bomber coach is in fact insane. That means that Troy is correct that the majority of the team not only has lost respect for Berry, but also thinks that he is insane.
I would truly like to thank Troy Westwood, the soon to be head coach of the next Grey Cup winner, for helping we the outsiders to understand the depth of crisis that the Blue Bombers are in. Hopefully, with all our prayers, coach Berry will recieve the treatment that he needs and Troy Westwood will be universally thanked for his great wisdom and foresight in righting the ship.
Troy, you’re a nice guy and you feel that you’re the best kicker for the Blue Bombers,
but it’s just football, get on with your life.

…maybe the Cats will be looking for a head coach in the near future…are you listening Troy??? I liked the loyalty that Westy had, when he played for the Bombers…He has turned that same loyalty into venom…Too bad it had to go that way…Sorry Troy you’re off my xmas card list…you really do need to move on… :oops:

Isn’t the Don the guy who grabbed his O-lineman’s facemask after a major screw-up and kept yanking his head down to keep his attention?

To me, the following is disgusting on Troy’s part…you NEVER EVER EVER use quotation marks when the statement is something “close”. Either it is a quote or it is not. And there are several different ways that statement could be made with a multitude of different meanings.

then the head coach makes a statement very close to the following, "many of you are here not because you were better than who you were competing against in camp, but because you were cheaper."
After having read the article, it appears very much to me like Troy used a public opportunity to slag an individual because of his own personal grievances with the man. Nothing close to being professional at all and if that is how he is going to write, he deserves to be banned from ALL locker rooms.

Din, din…dindindin!!
Where’d you hear/read that R&W, and how is it that you are the first here to post this rumor?

You’re not trying to mess with the heads of the Bombers, are you Red? We have a head coach that does that here already :lol:

I read the follow-up article by Paul Friesen, Red. It confirms your statement that the Doug Berry speech did come after Troy Westwood was cut, and apparently heard from many players about it. This is the updated article that you referenced, but didn’t post. Here it is. http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ … 1-sun.html

Interesting how Friesen jumps to Troy’s defense even though it’s obvious Troy left his professional persona at the door when he wrote what was actually a very poor article.