get rid of him already, he is way to unpredictable and unreliable as a place kicker. whenever he comes in to kick a FG I find myself closing my eyes because I just can't watch him anymore. why is he still our place kicker. Keep him as a punter and find a reliable accurate place kicker. He's had enough years to prove himself and he has done the opposite, he has gotten worse instead of better. too many missed crucial points this year.

we brought in new kickers for tryouts this year. he showed he hated them and showed he could outkick them. so there is still reason we have him as our place kicker. i would like to see someone new take his kicking job though. He has had a great career.

the one kicker who came in to camp and dissapeared was funny. the thing about westwood is he does good in camp but can't do good in the game. he has had a good career, but i think he should just focus on his other stuff now and stand aside as a place kicker