Westwood, what a tool......

Ok, so apparently according to TSN, this story turned out to be true, Westwood contacts the Riders to offer his services. http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=248534&lid= ... dlines_cfl

This comes one week after dictating (because he can't spell), an article on how people from Saskatchewan smell like pickle juice and socks. (Which are really starting to become very boring from him. Lame, repeat jokes).

Is he really as stupid as I thought he pretended? All jokes aside, how does he think his reception party would be in Sask? Tillman would be done in SK if a deal was even considered.

Give me a bag of hammers, becuase I think Westwood wants to compete against it in an episode of "Reach for the Top".

On that note, he is not smarter than a fifth grader........

He's not even good enough to play for the Bombers. What made him think he was good enough to play for the Riders?

He just wants to get his name in the paper. I'll bet he applies for Berry's job after he gets fired, too.

With all due respect to the Bombers, with their current kicking situation if he's not wanted there, he's not wanted anywhere.

old news, he's such a baby, he's all talk and no action much like on the playing field, he's so bitter right now with no teams even interested so he has to open his mouth in the press, good going Widewood your a classy guy.

I would argue that the fact he is not wanted by the Bombers has more to do with a boneheaded coach than the actual kicking abilities of Westwood vs. those of Serna. Personally I would take Westwood punting over Congi any day but we can probably live with Congi until Boreham gets back.