Westwood signed to practice roster

Good idea, When Serna punts it screws up his fg kicking. Westwood has a big leg, so this should work out.

I actually don't mind this move...

At least they're trying to do something about the punting on this team for the rest of the year...love Serna, but he was brutal yesterday...

Westwood was a much better punter than fg kicker. Hopefully he is not to rusty.

Hopefully... :thup:

I suppose by signing him to the practice roster, that means they're just bringing him in for a look or ??


He Troy, would you mind if we paid you in January or would you take gift certificates?

Good move. As kasps mentioned, Serna seems to be a better kicker when he doesn't have to punt too. Plus, he just isn't that good at punting. Troy was always a pretty good punter.

......Troy has mastered the kicks at our windy stadium, that's for sure...He'll help Serna out, and give him a chance to get the ring he missed out on lol lol.....Really though, i never liked the way Westwood left under Berry...this stop-gap measure will give the Bombers and him a chance to rectify that.. :wink: hopefully

This is great for both sides! Serna appears to be better when he doesn't have to punt, and Westwood was always a decent punter. Both Serna and Westwood can punt/kick in a pinch.

you got to be kidding me Widewood is coming back to the Bombers? :roll: maybe he can pass? i guess if you sign Bishop you will sign anybody, this is going to get real interesting :lol: :lol:

he's coming back to punt because Serna can't do it and is a much better kicker when he doesn't have to worry about punting. and Troy's always been a good punter, it's the kicking that he sucks at

That's all fine but why didn't they do this at the begining of the season ? It is just ironic don't you think that the Kool Aid brigade were laughing off people calling Kelly and asking about Westwood and now they say it is a great ideal. Just funny....

Good luck Troy...!

they had Renaud?

He's a headcase, but a good punter...but is he in shape, and has he practiced lately?

Desperation move, but one that had to be made.

I explain this to you, as you don't pay attention . Renaud got hurt. Serna can't do both. Punting in Winnipeg is very tough in cold and windy conditions. Westwood punts very well in these conditions. He is also a non import . He will be released at the end of the year and Renaud will be back next year. Hopefully you understand :roll:

Okay see if i get this right Serna can't punt? so Widewood has to put his banjo away and try and do some punting for the Bombers, he then gets released after season over to continue his banjo picking tour around Canada's bar scene? okay now what about Bishop he can't throw the ball do they have someone coming in to do his job :wink:

What in the world are you talking about :?

Go back to counting your Grey Cups, you should almost be done ! Oh I forgot , your a Rider fan, you haven't learned how to count with your fingers yet ! Hint, about as many teeth as Rider fans have ?

Good singning, they could use the IRON legged man back whose strong leg will help with severe winds. Having Westwoods 60 yard leg on punts will help the bombers.

A Rider fan worried about the Bombers kicking game.Someone should ask the Riders why they have 4 P/K in camp,whoops I mean 1 punter and 1 kicker and 2 P/K on the practise roster.I guess Congi and Boreham arent good enough to do both :wink:

Good move on the BB part.Why Troy,why not is a better question?He knows the wacky weather in the stadium,non-import,accepts its a short term punting gig and is still in shape,he lives in the Peg so no need to uproot anyone for a month.Like what non-import punter with ex would the BB find on short term notice,that can kick the ball over 40y,and that would want show up in Oct for a handfull of games at most?Also Serna was the only kicker left on the club,if he goes down in a game the BB have nobody to turn to,so Troy could come in as a K if needed as well.

I like this move! Its always fun getting under his skin at games! I really misssed him! GOOD Punter and good move by the BB IMO