Westwood re-signed by Bombers

Next thing you know, the Toronto Maple Leafs re-sign Darryl Sittler.

Too funny... And just last week people were saying Serna was the best kicker in the league right now. Guess you guys jinxed him. :lol:

Doesn't Troy have a tour he's supposed to be getting ready for?

Interesting, I miss him to be honest, his flair or whatever you call it.


Pay attention ! The Bomber's signed him to punt. Which he is good at, place kicking not so much. Serna's FG kicking suffers when he does both. Before Renaud's injury he was over 80 % . In the last 2 games he has missed 3 or 4 FG attempts.

....stop-gap measure.....he knows how to punt in the windy Peg...(and i hope it's real windy for our last 2 at home lol) Nobody is going to replace Renaud (out for the season)...so why bring in someone you'll just have to cut in a few weeks... :wink: Westwood knows the score..and did i also say affordable.. :wink:

Westwood’s an entertaining character, and this signing will take some of the focus off of Bishop’s last stink fest.

I now have reason tuning into the Montreal /Winnipeg game…Go Blue.

Wow that was unexpected.

Next thing you know, the Bombers will re-sign Khari Jones! :lol: :lol:

Chris Walby could help there o line
but seriously makes sense
doesnt hurt to have veteran help down the stretch

Simmer, bud. I was joking. :wink:

So when is Lui goina make a comeback? :lol:

I assume the only reason this happened was because Bob Cameron was either too deaf or too slow to answer his phone....

If McCallum has another bad game like his first one back and Wally doesn't want to go back to Whyte then maybe this year.

None of the comments being made here regarding former players actually make sense since Westwood played 2 seasons ago unlike any of the others' named. A more fitting comparison might be Mike Vanderjagt in CFL terms.

.....Khari actually called Troy and wished him good luck....a real pro and man of distinction is Khari Jones... :thup:

...p.s. the maple laughs could use Sittler right about now....i believe he could make their line-up.. :lol: :lol:

lol... now I can tell show my guy who Westwood is. He didnt know the story about the banjo bowl until I explained it to him

its the year of the retro i guess. calgary had theo in pre season. i head domi was going to come back, but he was too busy figure skating with the cbc. oh well, better then signing adam jones i spose. This could start something. maybe the argos can call doug flutie and he can throw some balls for the last game or two.


No sence in trying to talk logic to people who clearly have none. :wink:

Was that Dave Cuttler trying for the Kick for a Million$, :stuck_out_tongue: - rumor in the Hammer has Ozzy schooling Setta on squib kicks LMAO