Westwood points out the obvious in the Winnipeg Sun

It would appear that Troy Westwood managed to say what a lot of us were thinking and no reporter seemed to have the stones to say; Perhaps it's time to question whether our coaching situation needs to be addressed. It was no secret that he had decided from the moment he took over the team that Troy's days were numbered, and managed to create a toxic environment for him that any of us were we in the same position would have trouble performing in. It is also increasingly obvious that the same might be said of Charles Roberts. To only give him between 5 and 7 touches a game and question why he's having no success is laughable. give him 20 touches a game and then lets see. To Charlie's credit, he seems to be taking it quite well. Perhaps a deal was made to allow him to showcase his return abilities to increase his marketability for when they get rid of him?

His dedication to Kevin Glenn is equally puzzling. Yes, he threw for some amazing numbers at the start of last year, but as teams adapted in the second half of last year he began to struggle, and no obvious adjustments to the offence were made. If Winnipeg didn't have the receivers it did, we would have been toast. Edwards cat-like grab last year,twisting in the air was a glorious example of a poorly thrown ball. Kevin's accuracy sucked, which was obvious by the number of circus grabs last year, and as the year went on, the number of drops. If he doesn't have Stegall, Edwards and Armstrong we lose! Now Imagine Ricky Ray throwing to those same receivers and tell me what those stats would be like!

Numerous opportunities presented themselves to get Ryan Dimwiddie more snaps last year, especially after Kevin was hurt in hamilton. Ryan should have started the next game if only to protect your "star" and give him game time. Little wonder he wasn't ready for the pressure when it was thrust upon him. He's the better quarterback, and the reason teams like BC excel at finding them is they give them the opportunity to succeed. We need a gunslinger with the ability to scramble, and Ryan is it. Trade Glenn for a top safety to replay Kyries Hebert, and with the cap room get a punter. I know of one who's available, and I'm certain he won't drop one snap a game AND can kick over 50 yds per!

The Bombers now sport a vanilla ball control offence in with little dedication to the run, and everyone knows it. Everyone else in the league is also aware of Glenn's habit of throwing behind and in front of receivers or overunder, and their secondary's play accordingly. he's not a gunslinger, and he doesn't seem to be able to make the reads fast enough, and since we don't run the ball, opponent simply sit back and wait for their chance. I will grant that a 3rd string center and rookie end don't help, but that might be hurting the run block more than anything. perhaps a 2 back system with a blocking back for the entire game could help (remember Mike Sellers?) but our coaches don't seem to be able to see this.At this point even Paul LaPolice would do better than Kit Cartwright! With the exception of the safety position, our defence is one of the best in the league, who's only trouble is being on the field too long.

Perhaps it's time to stop kissing Doug Berry's backside and start holding his feet to the fire, and either this situation corrects itself or else we find someone who can fix it. It's also time for journalists to start digging a little deeper. Perhaps if you call your colleagues in Montreal the can give you some hints.

Collin Doyle

With all honesty the one guy I truly want to see play is Randall. Just saying.

....very well put Colin Doyle....i agree with most of what you said....I am beginning to wonder about the coaching on this team as well...Berry seems to be reluctant to change...even when the no 1 qb. is stinking up the stadium...exception being the last game...and that one was long-time over... also go back to the Als. game....some said we looked good in the second-half and Glenn was back on track...i believe that one was over as well and what Kevin accomplished ,was against a team who knew just that...the Als. had already salted away their 2 pts...We have to realize this is not the same Kevin Glenn that put together a nice streak last year but he's the same Glenn who threw games away the years before ...a very mediocre qb...My greatest beef with him is that he very rarely runs....its either a forced ball that ends up being intercepted or he gets dumped in the back-field ...Why does this guy not at least try to run for a first down...??? I'll answer my own question, probably because he has wonky knees from being tackled in the backfield on a lot of occasions...I would like to see Randall get a shot as well ,bigcnadiano...and if we are going to go-down in flames anyway...why not give the guy a chance and Dinwiddie as well..We're probably hoping for too much ,as Berry is not of that mind-set, and will go with Glenn until we're 0 and 5...I hope i'm wrong and this team gets its act together ..also, for those who say i'm totally blaming the starting qb...I know its a team game and the d' hasn't exactly been playing up to snuff...but they have also bee left on the field too bloody long because of an inept offence... and that starts with the qb...Count the scoring plays we have had so far this year and it'll give you a hint...Something has to change...and if Berry won't do it...welllll we know what happens to coaches who won't adapt...the football unemployment lines are full of them....Maybe, just maybe, we're over-reacting a bit...but i'm concerned...I've seen this type of ' i don't know what we'll do now'...scenario before..and what happened as a result.. wasn't positive to put it mildly.... :roll:

I still think the #1 problem has always been Berry's horrible offensive scheme. Gleenn has been playing badly but he could bounce back but I think it would require a completely revamped ofence and Berry will never do that

Berry has always been stubborn, that's just the way he is.

If Glenn could hit the broadside of a barn (not painted opposition colors) the offense would be rolling and everything else, including the running game and defense would be feeding off it.

This is the worst I have ever seen Glenn look in his career, never mind his time in Winnipeg. He has lost confidence in himself, his teammates and his coaches and I don't know if we can afford to wait around any loner for him to get it back.

Sure you can tweek the schemes, but the opportunities to make plays are still there. Glenn just isn't fighting through the adversity and making it happen.

Berry is in a tough spot because he knows that he needs Glenn to get the offense going. But at 0 - 3 can he afford to wait ? Especially when you have a guy like Dinwiddie, who has all the confidence in the world chompin at the bit.

I agree with you, hammerbutt. The scheme isn't working. Still need to get Roberts some carries; get him into the flow of the game. When Roberts is rolling, then Glenn seems to be more comfortable(less pressure) and the offense starts scoring.

One other thing though; Steagall's absence is affecting this team. Even if he doesn't catch a pass while on the field, his leadership out there is vital.

I wanted to vote for Khari Jones, but his name wasn't there.

Now let me get this straight, a few years ago I was chastised for Calling Kevin Glenn a great BACKUP Quarterback. Hmmmmm look at all those calling for his head now. :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Just a little, bump in the road Sport, KG is bound to get his mojo back.

Yeah, he'll bounce back Piggy, hopefully AFTER Friday night! :wink: :wink: