Westwood gone????

TSN is reporting that Troy 'theboy' Westwood has been released by the Bombers...?????? if true I guess we'll see Duncan O' Mahoney in BluenGold shortly...So long to Troy...he had a pretty good run all in all.... :thup:

Just read it. He was a character!!! He gave us alot of good years but it's time to move on. I guess Duncan will be making his way to the Peg(Maybe!!) Thanks Troy.

...my cousin was in with the Bombers a couple weeks ago...while there, Westwood walked in, she said hello, shook his hand, yaddayaddayadda...when she left, her friend asked her if she washed her hand, with him being a Bomber and all...'coz said, "I'm from Saskatchewan - I washed them twice."

So it's not a touchy-feely story on a g'bye thread, but it's funny enough to me...and hey, it's a Westwood story, so it fits...

I hear the Eskimos are looking for another kicker...

I remember being at the first practice watching Westwood for the first time, not being sure if this guys could replace Kennerd(sp?) Sigh, seems like just yesterday.

Look out Nashville, here comes "Little Hawk".

Good luck to Troy in his future profession.

why does everyone think duncan is coming to the peg, they have brought a few kickers in and some have been looking very very good in tc. gotta give them a chance if you ask me

Considering how important the field position game is with Doug Berry....is it too much to ask for two American kickers...one for punting...one for kicking?
Never been done before.....but with the boring style doug Berry plays of punt.....punt.....punt.... give it to Roberts..... IT'S PROBABLY A NECCESITY NOW....

..I will miss Westwood in a BB uni, he was a character to say the least...

Has anybody ever heard his CD?

I would like to hear some of his stuff. I never have though. I saw him a newspaper performing on stage. I wonder what it all sounds like.



here is the link to his music website

They should have kept him as a punter.

That is frickin awful....
With all respect to natives...... I hope that is not the best you have to offer..... it's awful and tacky...an embarrasement actually.

"The best you have to offer" -- As though all natives are somehow crunched into one group, one genre.

be intelligent. Quit making foolish statements.

I haven't heard the whole album but for a debut solo effort, Its quite good. A lot better then a lot of stuff being digitized these days. check out some Screamo... But its hard to be a prophet in your own country.

The fact they have won two native music awards is what I was refering to.... I'm hoping they won these awards because of Westwood's fame and not because people actually find him a talented musician....could you imagine how bad the other stuff would have to be.

I am sure you listen to music that I and others would call garbage.

Its a matter of preference

Reguardless of preference.... I'm talking about the lyrics..... Who is this...a native version of Nickelback....like come on.

your opinion of the lyrics is still based on your preferance