Westwood Cut by Bombers.... Gotta' ask :-)

:D Do we forget Maver and go for the 42 year old? He's Canadian.... http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=319956

What... no takers yet? Quiet night....

Punting was never his strong point so why bother?

Well, kicking FGs wasn't either so... :wink:

as Said in my Mock there Kid From Saskatchewan Hilltops who a better Option

Funny but true :slight_smile:

My point though is that we only need a punter.

What... sanity on the Board? Have I entered an alternate universe? So odd..... :slight_smile:

You've heard of the Twilight Zone right? This is the Ticat Zone. :slight_smile:

It's because you didn't start the right thread.

Troy Westwood...Bring him to Hamilton :lol:

Only in WPG does a long time veteran get treated with such indifference ranging to outright hostility. Only in WPG.

^^^^ So he should be treated like royalty because he played a long time? He's had a very average career and if he was an American he would have been bounced from the league 20 years ago.

As for his punting it isnt that bad, he had the game of his life in 07 Grey Cup.

Westwood and Oshea are about the same, he would make a good Boatman.

The funny thing is that your quote could be applied to Paul Osbaldiston. When you look back, Ozzie had a very average career making only 71% of his FGs.

I think though that the whole kicking game has changed. There is more effort put towards efficiency and punting avg.

:o Surely, you jest!

I know Mark was playing on the fact that when ever someone gets cut from another team a post appears on here withing minutes that "maybe the Cats should have a look at him".

All kidding aside, I would sooner be without a kicker and have to go for it on third down all year than have Westwood in "Black & Gold". To tell the truth I was always hoping he would take a career ending injury on any given play, preferably one against us. Never wished that on any player but I could not and still don't have any respect for him.

How would you have handled it differently? They asked him to retire so he could go out a Bomber but he refused and asked for his release. He thinks he can still play. Keeping him on the roster so they don't hurt his feelings probably isn't in anyone's best interests.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/bombers-kick-westwood-off-team-again-92487709.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 87709.html[/url]

read this article and u'll possibly understand why bomber fans are sick of the guy.

he refuses to bow out gracefully. we have a younger guy in renaud who is better and has a bigger upside than the 44 year old westwood but he refuses to bow out.

dude should just get it and retire already.

Keep your shirt on.
Was referring to his treatment at the hands of the jackals, whoops, I mean Bomber fans not current management.

And dont bother retorting "he deserves it" because that would mean fairness and consistency applies to how Bomber fans treat many veteran players once they've left the organization .

And we all know how that goes. "selfish" "over rated" "over paid" ....you know the routine.

excuse me? umm bomber fans gave troy a standing ovation last season when he returned then he proceeded to outkick the coverage and larry taylor almost busted one back for a touchdown. sorry man, you're wrong again about bomber fans and westwood. people respect him but we are tired of his beachin to the media everytime he is told to go away. he's 44 years old for gods sake. u dont live in wpg do u? so u dont have to deal with half the stuff he says or does in the media.

he's 44, was only brought back last year cuz renaud got hurt, he knew that at the time and then still after being released refuses to let go. its sad when a player is told he's not good enough anymore but refuses to beleive it.

With Bomber fans you never know where you stand as a player. Heart-of-the - community hero then washed up selfish bum now.