Weston Dressler's Catch

It shows that saskatchewan truly only votes for their own when on the fan votes they voted dressler’s catch as POY on tsn.ca but when the experts chose on TV in their top 10 Dressler’s is number 8 Nik Lewis’s hurdle is number 2 and what should have won SJ Green’s catch was number one

Your wrong on all accounts. If Green’s fans got out and voted he would have won. The fans that did bother to take the time to vote - selected Dressler. That means the fan’s choice was correctly Dressler.

Not because rider fans voted for Dressler - but because the majority of fans who voted - voted for Dressler.

And what would expect of Rider fans - to make others feel better vote for them? Come on - give me break. Teams fans vote for their players - always will.

And the so called experts are not without bias as well. The experts are the TSN crew which have their own favorites as well.

Lol "the experts". These are the same experts that get hammered on by everybody after every broadcast. The only thing that it shows is that the vast majority of fans are more impressed with Dressler's catch above all others. Ten or so opinions of the "experts" doesn't amount to a hill of beans when compared to the thousands of others.

...bet next year a Durant interception wins...

unfortunately, there is no point of doing the POY showdown. it doesn't mean anything, because, as nythril says, teams fans vote usually for their players. all of the polls are skewed as a result. everyone that can look at the plays objectively realizes SJ Green's catch was a far better play. and I say that as someone who is quite a big fan of Dressler, even though I'm a Bomber fan.

It was the fans choice, then that is that. It didn't say only so many fans from each team can vote.

Well he is probably good enough to play defense as well I suppose....

Come on. Everyone knows if there's an Internet poll the Riders are gonna win it! :stuck_out_tongue:

A gopher's turd would win a TSN poll.
The whole thing is dumb....There's a differance between a fanatic and being totally absurd.
Be honest now, who here thinks Dressler's catch was better than SJ Green's?

Now I understand it's subjective, but IMO you're of your rocker if you think that play beats out the best play in any football league anywhere this year.


Whatever, we all know what the REAL play of the year was, despite what thousands upon thousands of Rider fans camping at the computer all day think.

Then next year skew the polls, find as many computers as you can, and vote for the player you want to win. I dont get what the big deal is.

Whatever, we all know what the REAL play of the year was, despite what thousands upon thousands of Rider fans camping at the computer all day think.
wrong again - if we all know that Greens catch was better then he would have won the online poll. And of course we all know that online polls are scientifically precise - really - they are - and I look like fabio have 6 pack abs and drive a Lamborghini :cowboy:

Kidding aside remember 2 things

1 - It was an internet poll - it means nothing more then "which players fans took the time to vote"
2 - oh yah don't forget - IT WAS AN INTERNET POLL - not POY voting or scientific.

Don't forget that Vancouver came close to getting Rory on the all star team using the internet - Don't take life so serious lol

all the plays on the top 10 were pretty awesome. im biased, but seeing the nik lewis hurdle always makes me laugh lol. who cares who won, its not an award and even if it was... who cares. the dressler catch was awesome, as was the green catch...so lets just let it go lol

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Anytime there's a Riders option and another option in an online poll, the Riders win. That's just how these things are, and why picking the play of the year by having the fans vote on it is a stupid idea. In TSN's own top 10 list, Green won. That's how it should have been.

All Green's catch was him laying out on a overthrown pass after interfering with the defender, gravity took care of the rest. He didn't keep himself in, the laws of physics did.

Dressler's catch was him laying out for an overthrown pass (like Green) , tumbling, getting up and surviving a couple more hits for the score.


just look at last year.Play of the week for #7 I believe, fans voted for a weak play action roll and 2 yard lob toss to Keith Shologan for a TD.Not spectacular in the slightest but since it was the only Rider option, it won.

Green's catch involved stretching out for an overthrown pass, catching it with 1 hand, fingertips to be exact, pulling it in JUST in time to get his elbow down in bounds and it kept Montreal in the game on what would've been a sure loss had it been missed.Sorry, I know it was an internet poll and all but it's a little dumb that so many people from SSK have such a ridiculously hard time being unbiased.

This whole thread is hilarious... I had said this time and again and it still doesn't sink in... the more people complain about Rider fans skewing the results.. the more it encourages them to do so... part of the thrill is knowing that some will come here and whine.

Dutchie just called out the Riders fans. :lol:

I loved Nik Lewis' two catches. Runs over a guy in one and then hurdles a guy in the other. :lol: