Weston Dressler

Guess you could say this signing means win now if you looked at it long enough.

No question he is a tricky little big play guy but other than grooming him to be a coach I am not seeing the vision of him being a major part of the offence going forward. Perhaps sitting him until Sept ala Chad Owens would be the way to use him and maybe the Dressler mantra is one of being carried off the field having given his all. At the very least he needs to be instructed to avoid contact except when he is initiating contact with a db to draw a penalty which probably happened six times last year.

Time to tar and feather Denmark and run him out of town.

Team philosophy intact to this point. Gotta be JFG next.

Sure looks like its Act 1, Scene 4 for the 2018 bombers - deja vu all over again.

Mr. Dressup is a solid, but ageing import WR, who at only 5'6" and aged 32/33 has size and declining speed against him.

Is he a player? For sure. But they'll only get 10 to 12 games out of him - if the form chart holds!

With an obvious crying need for professional scouting and on-field signing agents - the bombers will cling like there's no tomorrow to some of their so-called fraudulent players. No question Denmark gets re-upped (maybe a slight haircut cuz no one else wants an import with below average speed and average hands), then JFG, then the godforsaken long-awaited re-upping of Samuel "Makes Me Wanna" Hurl.

No doubt O'Shea proclaims that he's "Really Happy" with whatever slop Gomer Kyle and Sarge (Miller) provide him.

No details announced.

Had to be something Dressler was okay with for him to sign so early. Guessing $170,000 plus incentives. Would be good to see him over 1000 yds again and with another Grey Cup ring for that matter but I am holding off betting with the title to the farm for now.

I mentioned earlier about Okpalaugo converting to O and still like the idea. Mike Sellers 2.0 on the block and unstoppable large body on the attack. A little work with the coaches on technique and start selling jerseys.

Anyway... still looking for more on the receiver front and hoping management is on board with that.

Common misconception that Denmark is not fast but pretty sure he was 4.3 in his day. He has been a solid player and clutch performer at times who has suffered with a underachieving football club and many different quarterbacks throughout his career. To think what have could been if he had signed in Calgary.

I do not expect Denmark back and hope he catches on with another club. The chemistry was damaged when they cut him outright to sign Ryan Smith. He does not appear to be a core player to O Shea.

I've had too many "Trumpisms" from O'Shea where he's muttered that any player under his gaze is 'fantastic' or 'key to our success'. I'm sure he'll find a loophole for Denmark - either a huge haircut offered by Walters or just no contact with Clarence's rep.

PS. Don't think Denmark was ever a 4.3/40 guy - maybe when they signed him and HULKED UP his stats to generate fan interest!
Perhaps 5 or 6 years ago he was a 4.5/4.6 guy but last year he was better known for his inability to get open very often for Nichols. When Adams went down, our deep intermediate to long passing game was done. . . . . even with the so-called "speedy" Denmark in the lineup.

If he can't get open for Nichols - I fear his time is up, really up! Might latch on post training camp as an emergency call-up for teams who go thru a couple WRs.

His best bet immo might be Toronto - where they have a couple big-hitters and could probably use a relatively sure-handed short to intermediate receiver!

.....I'm happy with re-signing the little guy...Dress that is....He probably signed for a reasonable figure and I hope that leaves us enough room to go after a bigger fish in fa... and I do mean bigger, along the lines of Adams...Denny is most likely toast as he pretty much fell off the map in the last part of the year and UNLESS he was also playing with a broken hand like Weston was for five games,we might just pass on him ....I liked this Juron Criner of the Redblacks and wouldn't mind testing the waters on him in fa...Big guy ...6'3'' ..220...and looked solid in the Ottawa line-up...Along with Adams we might just have some depth and another solid weapon for Nichols...As for re-signing JFG....Coates might just have replaced him and Wolitarsky is waiting in the wings...Hard to say for sure on that one though as I think Guido is a pet project of our loyal to a fault coach

I think EE will be parting ways with Bowman soon if they can sign Walker.

Not sure they want him in the West but you guys could be a player for him if you want to pay a premium for an impact receiver who has the dropsies.

Used to call Bowman Jordy Laforge (Star Trek character) cuz he was essentially blind while in Winnipeg (not that hard to fool Winnipeg scouts & coaches) but still make the odd sensational catch when his sensor-visor deployed.

But he's an older warrior now, his vision problems have been detected and corrected. Given the bomber's propensity for finding nothing but duds in NFL cuts and NCAA nobodies - he's probably as good a bet as ever to haul down Nichol's balls in 18 . . . . . perhaps as many as 45 catches for 700 to 750 yds. Is that worth $150,000? Probably not - but without any real prospects in tow - he's better than a dud earning $85,000 or $90,000

Bowman doesn't fit the O Shea ideology. Would never happen.

Better to develop within a proper culture and eventually become the jedi warrior within. over time.