Westjet Fan Draft? Where at the winners???

So Im sure some of you have netered the Westjet contest with the CFL (its in the PROMOTION menu on this site) and there were spposed to be 3 winners per team on monday morninng according to the contest rules but I havent seen anything. Are there ANY winners yet? Anybody else wondering what they are doing?
Theres supposed to be 3 more draws and the first one is 2 days late... hmmm.

I wonder who won?

Its been one whole week and still nothing!
There are no winners posted on the website and theres a second drawing in a few days!!

What a joke. For some reason, I have a feeling that I'm going to win... little response here which probably means they didnt have a lot of people enter... :smiley:

Im going to VANCOUVER!!! :smiley:


I entered, but have neither seen nor heard anything either.

I Want To Win The Aqua Velva Toque But I'm Not Sure How To Enter. To Be Honest I'm Not Even Sure What Aqua Velva Makes. I'm Guessing It's Either Body Products Or Bottled Water. Either Way I've Never Seen Their Product Of The Selves Of My Local Supermarket (Or I Have And Just Don't Remember) But I'll Be Looking For It Now.

They seem to be posting a few winners now on the site... Its about time... over a week late for the first round.

Havent won yet.. DOOHOO!!

It's rigged. Don't get your hopes up. LOL!

I won,I won.

I hear you won a trip to Saskatoon!

Nothing wrong with that.
Saskatoon is a wonderful place.
Have you ever been there?

Saskatoon is great.All the cities and towns are great.
Well Regina is a dump.Every province has one of those places.

See, if your name gets picked you win... but you dont just win a jersey... if your team gets to the div final you get tickets... if they win YOU GO TO THE GREY CUP to see your team.
In reality if your team is in the top teams... you pretty much have a 50% chance of going to Vancouver. Pretty good odds man.

Well, you have 50 % chances of of going to Vancouver if you are cheering for the East top teams. But in the West, chances look more like 25 %.

I'm guessing Bamboo's either a woman, a teen, or all his facial hair has fallen out. Aqua Velva is a popular brand of after shave; although I think they've expanded into other areas of men's toiletries, but after shave/men's skin care is what they chiefly produce. Best place to find the stuff is at your local Shopper's, PharmaPlus, IDA, or other major drug store.

As for my hopes of going to Vancouver for the GC, I'm still banking on being the Argos' representative for Frito's Fandemonium. The cutoff for Toronto entries is this Thursday, so I hope I make the "Final 5", then I can make out to be a believable, yet "empassioned" (read: legally insane) fan on the 27th against Hamilton.