Westjet deal fm Hamilton to Moncton

““WestJet: official airline of the CFL.””

I live in Hamilton and want to fly to Moncton for the game. Should ticket holders get a deal??? eg. a promo Code
They didn’t for Grey Cup Edmonton :x

““WestJet: official airline of the CFL.””

Since the team is charging fans up front for 10 games when there are only 9 to attend I feel they should pay for fans to fly there. Either that or lower the season ticket price which is the fair thing to do. What if someone doesn't want an extra ticket for a regular season game and god forbid the Cats don't host a playoff game? I guess they're screwed.

The most expensive season's tickets, aside from a small number of specialty seats, are around $90.00/seat. You can't fly to Moncton and back for that.

You're missing the point. I am saying that unless the team wants to pay to fly fans to Moncton that they shouldn't be charging for that 1 game in the first place. If you can never go to that one game in the first place you should never be charged for it.

The season ticket price is for 10 games in Hamilton. It is not the fans responsibility if the team/league decide to play one of those games thousands of miles away without any fan say.

Pretty simple..

Just looked up flights to Moncton from Hamilton.
$144 each way leave Sat. Sept.24th/back home Mon.Sept.26th
$288 plus taxes return
We need a discount

The only time I ever stayed in Moncton was back in the late 70's at the Holiday Inn across from Magnetic Hill (on the way to Nova Scotia).... Luck was on our side because KISS was staying there too so it was fun to hang out with them poolside. Not too often people got to see them without their make-up back then.

Magnetic Hill was disappointing though. :frowning:

Go Cats !

I always stay at the Hampton Inn Moncton. Everything is top notch, staff is great, was built a little less than two years ago. Has a great breakfeast, indoor pool with 3 storey water slide and a gym with cardio and free weights.

You didn't have to go to all the way to Moncton for a magnetic hill. There's one in Burlington that's just as disappointing. I couldn't tell you where it is offhand, but my brother took me there once.

That sounds a lot better than the Holiday Inn was.....other than the pool and a bar, there wasn't much to do . There was an executive golf course across on the other side of the Trans-Canada but sadly, the cheap set of clubs I owned at the time were back in Hamilton and I wasn't to rent and even cheaper set of clubs.......lol :lol:

$288+taxes return flight
Hampton Inn 2 nights ( double Queen)$135+taxes(shared $67.50each)
Food $0 (eat a huge breakfast)
Alcohol $300 :wink:
Ticket to game $50

TOTAL=$705.50+ taxes each for the weekend

You are correct.....it's equally disappointing. :roll: I too forgot where it was so I just googled it. It's on King Road.



Here's a Youtube video of it from someone's car.....lol


(caution.....I think I heard a bit of foul language in it)

The CFL Should not even gave this Game away..

Have the Ticats do it doing IWS Reconstruction when they need a place to play

Send Winnipeg or Montreal with Calgary

Nobody's screwed.
You have the choice of an extra reg. season ticket, a playoff ticket, applying the credit toward next years season tickets, or a refund.

Q: What will be the price of the tickets I can purchase with my credit?
As a Season Seat Holder, you are entitled to the opportunity to purchase 2011 playoff tickets at regular season prices, as long as you have renewed your seats for 2012. You may also redeem your credit toward any 2011 regular season game at the same Season Seat Holder price you had previously paid. (subject to availability)
Q: What will happen to my credit if the Ticats do not host a 2011 home playoff game?
If the Ticats do not host a playoff game in 2011, you will have the option of applying your credit toward 2012 Season Seats or receive a refund.

While maybe not as awesome as when first seen through my then 6 year old (?) eyes sitting in the front seat of my Dad's 56 Plymouth in 1962(?) it is a memory which I still have many years later as if it were yesterday. My dad and I didn't do a lot together by ourselves alone (I had four siblings!) but this "adventure" was very special to me both at the time, and, even today. I can only hope he knew how wonderful it was to me at the time. 8)

The way it's worded leads me to believe that the refund is not an option until the playoff standings are final.

I am not saying the team is trying to take anything from the fans in the end but it seems like they need a loan. Asking for 10 games worth of money and holding onto the funds for you for 1 game while the season plays out. Are they a bank now?

It just seems so pointless to put the fans money for 1 game through all this. If you're only offering 9 games to attend then only charge for 9. As fans of the CFL we all know that the only thing guaranteed each year is that you will play2 exhibition and 18 regular season games. Anything above that is earned on the field.

I think this statement from today's spectator addresses part of what you're saying:

With one less home game, Mitchell said fans will have a number of different options to get their full value including putting the money toward playoff tickets, reducing their instalment payments or getting a refund.

ie: if you haven't already paid in full, you may have the option of only paying for 9 games.

I've already paid in full, and I don't care that they're holding on to my $39 until the end of the season.

Same here. But I think if I hadn't already renewed, I'd be reluctant to put down an extra $39.00 for a game I wasn't sure would even be happening (I'm fairly confident that it will, but there are no guarantees).

Lets get the Box J boys and a plane full of fans on a party weekend in Moncton :rockin: we can fill a flight full of Black and gold!

Are you sure that WestJet is returning to Hamilton for the summer??

And where is Monkton? I have been searching on the map and googled Nova Scotia and I just can't find it!!

It's Moncton, not Monkton, and try looking in New Brunswick.