Western Xoveralls Team ;BC or Edmonton?

BC sits two points above the Esks in the Western conference standings .
The Esks and Lions play next weekend in BC .
The Esks won the first game by four points ,if Edmonton can win Saturday night in BC the two teams are tied with Edmonton having the tie breaker if they win.
Remaining games are against Ti=Cats for Edmonton and against Sask in Regina for BC.
There is a good chance BC will be the cross over team ,we'll see.

I see the league standings don't show EDM as having clinched a playoff spot or, at least clinched the crossover playoff spot. Shouldn't it? They have 8 wins, and the most both TOR and MTL could end with is 7. They way I see it, the Esks are in and a crossover team, yet to be determined, will be the visitor for the Eastern semi-final.

Maybe the command center updates the standings on the website and they are reviewing it :lol: :lol: :lol:

The "clinch" markings are up to date now. Note that Edmonton still has a mathematical possibility of finishing as high as 2nd in the West, so the question of which West team will cross over is still up in the air.

Based on the remaining schedule, it looks highly likely that Toronto and Montreal will each lose at least one more game, which would allow the Cats to take 2nd in the East even if they remain at only six wins. And any one win for the Ticats over this last stretch would lock up 2nd in the East. Cats catching Ottawa for 1st is still a mathematical possibility, but looks unlikely.

I’d rather play Edmonton or Winnipeg than BC.

I'd rather avoid Winnipeg. They play us tough and they're rounding into good form at the right time.

If Winnipeg lose their next two and Edmonton win both it's Winnipeg as Edmonton won their season series.
Doubtful the Peg will lose more than one so Esks are coming here Friday night and are returning East for the X-Overalls game.
Ottawa or Tim Horton Field?

Not to mention having Medlock and his success at THF.

Also true.

I really hope we can squeak by Ottawa for first place. Any of those western teams will be very tough in the eastern semi final.

It would not surprise me to see Winnipeg take both games vs Ottawa. The Blue Bombers worry me. That would mean we'd only need to beat Montreal to pass the RBs.

Edmonton is the Cross-Overalls Team 2016 edition! :cowboy: