"Western" University?

How come a University out east is called Western?

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..it’s the only music they allow on campus..

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It’s where they invented the omelette and there is no Eastern omelette.

Is this in reference to the home of the Mustangs?

The school is called the University of 'Western' Ontario

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This thread reminds me of Conan O'Brien and Norm Macdonald talking back and forth.

Western University (uwo.ca)

I want to be Norm MacDonald, may he Rest In Peace.

That entire area from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron is called South Western Ontario, and that's where the name Western came from. It was called the University of Western Ontario for about 140 years.

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Well that's strange. Didn't know they dropped 'Ontario'.

Guess it's a recruitment tool for GTA students being 'west' from them....weird

yeah, but apparently not now. They should call it Westont U :slight_smile:

"The university's official name remains The University of Western Ontario, and will continue to appear as such on diplomas and official documents"


A bit like St. Francis Xavier University calling themselves on their webpage as synonym of sorts STFx. I mean University of Western Ontario is a bit of a mouthful. In more ways than one for some I'd imagine. :grinning:


West of Toronto

At the time I do not think there was a Uni further west (1878) in province and for that matter most of Canada

Alberta did not get a Uni until 1907 (Burman)
Saskatchewan 1907
UBC is 1908
Manitoba 1877

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Yes, although difficult to find on the net, it seems that Upper Canada was also known as Western Ontario back in the day which I didn't know. ie from a genealogy site:

"The following database has been recorded from 1820's through 1850's burial registers for Upper Canada (Western Ontario.)"


Also this from the newspaper Cranbrook Herald (1905):

"Everything east of Toronto was called Eastern Ontario, while the territory west of Toronto was known as Western Ontario, and his younger days were spent in Western Ontario."

As well, Canada East and Canada West, map here: