Western U. to pursue one Ticats game

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LONDON, ONT. - While the odds are long that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will play a full schedule at TD Waterhouse Stadium, discussions will take place about playing some games in London, Ont.

While Quigley said it wouldn't be an issue holding all the games here, she believes there would be significant problems for the Ticats if they didn't play most of their games at home.

"I haven't sat down eye-to-eye with Scott yet but I know what's going on in Hamilton and with them," she said.

"There would be significant pressure from people involved in the city, and the CFL, not to take the whole season away from the Golden Horseshoe.

Quigley is intimately familiar with Ron Joyce Stadium, the new facility on the McMaster University campus. She was athletic director at McMaster and initiated the project.

It seats about 6,000.

"I started that plan before Greg (current Mustang and former McMaster coach Greg Marshall) was even the head coach," she said. "I had four head coaches' input into that facility. The thought in mind when it was built was it could be ramped up for 18,000 for the Commonwealth Games (and) the Pan Am Games. We bid for the under-20 World Cup when that was up.

"They can construct temporary stands for a given period of time that could put an additional 10,000 seats in and if they went into the end zone they could put in a significant number of additional seats in that venue."

I'll be there for sure. Growing up in London, playing hs games myself on the Western campus at JW Little, magic, and getting a bit drunk at Stang games, well, attending the first regular season CFL game in London for me must happen. :thup: