western superiority

Again, the western division has proven to be superior than the east as determined by total points for each division. Early this season, some people prematurely thought that the east would be superior for the first time in years. But they are wrong! Top 3 west teams have more points than any east team. Of course, anything can happen in mini tournament of playoffs. But don't be surprised if west final determines next grey cup champion.

Please delete this thread. We already have the inverse of this already started in the thread -- "Which Eastern team looks like less of a mess right now?"

No we don't. That thread is (or should be) about the intra-divisional crappiness of Eastern teams. This thread is about inter-divisional crappiness between Eastern and Western teams.

The West has always been what’s good about this country and league :twisted:

There is a total of 32 West-vs-East games. The western division won 18 and the eastern division won 14, giving a 56% record. The best win-loss record of a western team against the eastern teams is 5-3 (every western team but BC), one more win than break-even. The worst win-loss record of an eastern team against the western teams is 3-5 (Winnipeg and Toronto), one less win than break-even. So the west wins the "east-west series", but it's hardly a dominating performance, no western team convincingly "beat" the east, and no eastern team was convincingly "beaten" by the west.

Well all I can say is that when the worst Rider team in 10 years goes 5-3 vs the East Division this season that is saying quite a bit.

2-0 vs Winnipeg
1-1 vs Toronto
1-1 vs Hamilton
1-1 vs Montreal

Ya, the west definitely was better. When you have three 11-7 teams all in the playoffs, finishing ahead of the top Eastern team.. Something is amiss in the east!

Funny thing, the Bombers were 2 - 0 against the best in the west BC and 0 - 2 against the worst Sask.

I wouldn't put any stock in W-L records this season.

Also funny is that BC is first in the east, but they went 2-0 against the third place, 8-10 TiCats, lost badly in a game that didn't matter for Hamilton but did for them, and that BC is 3-5 against the east, the worst among all western teams.

I wouldn't put any stock in W-L records this season.
Me neither.

If you do a compare of East team vs West team match up this year:

East won 14 games
West won 18 games

Erm... who cares?

Its been such a crazy year in the CFL, I really don't put much stock into the whole 'West vs East' thing. All teams have had flashes this season, and none could buy consistency if their lives depended on it.

We'll see who wins the Grey Cup, thats really all that matters.


Makes sence then that Winnipeg wins the East since they are the most Western team. :wink:

considering you have never posted a single worth while word on this forum, I found this to
be good for my best laugh of the week.

There really isn't Western dominance. The Western teams simply feasted on Saskatchewan giving themselves an inflated record. Here are the win-loss records of the Eastern teams versus Western teams this year:

Hamilton 4-4
Montreal 4-4
Winnipeg 3-5
Toronto 3-5

That is hardly dominance!

I agree with the above, Sask went 0-10 vs division. Inflating all teams in the west records. For years people here have been saying how Montreal's record is inflated because they play in a weak division. esp the years where ticats won 1,2,3 games.

Interestingly, since the CFL's inception in 1958 the West has won 30 Grey Cups with the East winning 24. Take away Edmonton's dynasty from '78 through '82 where they won 5 consecutive Grey Cups and I'm not sure the West has been all that dominant- at least when it comes to winning the Grey Cup.

The only category that the West has dominated in over the years is attendance. All teams in the east have suffered from poor attendance from time to time. Ottawa and Montreal have both lost their teams in the past and both Hamilton and Toronto come close to losing their teams. I know Saskatchewan went through poor attendance issues in the past and so did B.C., but Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg (in the West at one time) have had stable attendance for as long as I can remember.

But if we are talking about the actual play of the teams on the field there has been absolutely no dominance even though a lot of westerners like to think so.

Perhaps the only legitimate way of determining whether or not western teams are superior to eastern teams is to review each season dating back to 1958 and see if western teams have beaten eastern teams more often. If they have then I guess it would be true. Sometimes I've wondered about it.

Winnipeg had some years of attendance issues as well now. they had 1 Grey Cup where their attendance was sub par and wasn't exactly good.