Western Semifinal Prediction

The likely prediction is an Eastern crossover by Hamilton Tiger- Cats to play Saskatchewan on Nov. 14th.
I doubt that Hamilton will lose their last 3 games (vs. Mtl, Cgy, BC) and that either Edm (Sk Wpg SK) or BC (Cgy Sk Ham) will win out all 3 remaining games. I Ham win OR 1 loss each by Edm and BC and Hamilton crosses over!

My Bad! I was thinking of the third place team in the East, not the fourth place team!

Even at that, Stan, I don't know what makes you think the Ticats would end up third. They're solidly in 2nd right now in the East with 2 teams that suck behind them. I'll be very surprised if they aren't hosting the Eastern semi-final.

Really the Riders are in control of who they play in the semi final game. With BC once and Edmonton twice, they could rest some starters in one, two or all three up coming games. I think Edmonton will take the last playoff spot. We will more than likely win the semi final, and have a good shot at upsetting Calgary in the final.

This. I mean Rider Nation gets all in an exaggerated huff when we lose but, in fact, Calgary and us are quite close. They are beatable and we are able to beat them. Whether we do on that particular day is not a given, but is is easily within the realm of possibility. But first we gotta get there through the WSF.

I say it will be edm and sask in the semi with edmonton squeaking out a win. I think the Sask offence is really shaking their heads and when they do that it spells trouble. Just watch the next game. When DD comes off the field after a bad series, he's shakin his head and frustrated. Every time he's done so, they have lost. Just something i've noticed.

Edm lost two key receivers this week. Al they have left is Stamps. Edm will not be productive from here on in. Ricky better learn how to run for 250 yds a game.