Western Semi Worst Case for Riders

Edmonton is playing Winnipeg this week, and Winnipeg is essentially without a QB. So its pretty likely that Edm will win.

If this happens, it pretty much guarantees that Edm will be in the playoffs, and BC out. (Even if BC beats SSK, its unlikely that they will beat Hamilton at Ivor Wynn the next week)

This sets up a possible nightmare scenario for the Riders....as we saw earlier this season, Back-to-back series are usually split. This year, I believe they were ALL split.

Based on that, then the Riders would almost be better losing in wk 19, and taking the split by winning the WSF in Mosaic.
BUT...the Riders confidence is very very low. And even if they beat BC, there isn't enough value in a win over the Lions to improve their morale. If the Riders lose week 19, they are unlikely to recover and win the back end the following week.

Either way, I see problems for the Riders....They NEED to win both, week 19 AND the WSF. So far this year, no team has won a Back to Back series, and the Esks and Riders are much closer together than their records indicate.

Sigh. Silver lining time...at least if we lose, we have an excuse to get rid of Daley and Taman.

I'm hopeful that this team will get hungry again based on making it to the GC last year. That's my hope since coaching staff can't seem to motive the players. If this season has proved anything, any team can be beaten. Parity makes for an exciting league (hey baseball see what a salary cap can do), which is great for the fans. To bad it's happening when finally the Riders after 2 decades of poor performance were putting together a real team! Losing Austin and then a capable GM, only in Rider nation can the bad luck continue.
If any team (3 GCs) deserves to get some more GCs it's the Riders. Fans deserve some rewards for their years of support. If there is a football god out there I hope they are listening.

No offense, but is it really that hard to just click on "schedule" and see that Hamilton swept a home-and-home with Winnipeg and a bye-interrupted series with Toronto. Calgary also swept Edmonton handily. Sweeps are very possible, and the Riders might get a literal home-and-home against Edmonton which would be easier.

I did look through the Schedule, and missed those two home/home sweeps. I stand corrected. Perhaps I was influenced by earlier threads about home/homes and wasn't expecting them, so I missed them. Totally my bad.

The Cgy Edm home/home is not indicative of the current situation, as Edm was a VERY different team pre-Tillman than they are now. I think that series would split if played now.

Wpg Ham home/home gives me some hope, as I don't think Wpg was quite as bad as their record this year.

I still stand by the original premise, though...beating the same team twice in a row is VERY tough, especially this year. This goes more so for the Riders due to their predictability in play calling on both sides of the ball. And I still think that if the Riders don't beat Edm during the last reg. season game, they won't recover mentally in time to split the series.

Hope I'm wrong. :slight_smile:

In all honesty, if the Riders win the WSF I expect them to beat Calgary in Calgary. Calgary hasnt been playing the greatest as of late either. Winning 2 of their last 6 isnt much to be excited about.

teams are not playing like they should. Way things have gone lately, the west seems like a crap shoot. I wouldnt give odds on any team. East situation almost the same. Dont think I be laying any money this yr.

Regardless if BC or Edmonton make the playoffs, Saskatchewan has their work cut out for them.
Neither team is scared of the riders or going to mosaic to play them.
Both teams have been playing for their lives since labour day essentially.

it's too far ahead to say anything about the WSF as far as i'm concerned.

Even if sask looses the rest of the games they will still have the advantage. Right Now with first and second settled I am sure coach miller is already re-focussing his team. The riders will be a better team come playoffs then we have seen lately.

That's totally true. Saskatchewan could win two games in a row and than all will be forgotten. That's the beauty of the CFL!

I would say the worst case scenario is we lose the WSF by a huge margin and next year all the coaching staff remains in tact along with Taman. Mark my words, we'll be complaining come June when we see Taman, Berry, Daly still around. C'mon Rider fans, do you really think change will be made? C'mon! Maybe when the team is totally rock bottom.

It's hard to believe with all that coaching experience they get out coaches. Coach miller was quoted on the fan network saying they got out coached. What coaches would you want to keep? I remember the dunnigan year in Calgary... It was like he invented ways to luze. It was like being in the 80's again. I really believe the riders will pull it together before the wsf. Too much talent to not suck it up. Now that sask has a high standard of winnng expectaions second is death to them. There was a time when I was happy to just have my team sneak into the playoffs.

I was surprised Ken miller threw his qb under the bus like he did though

Did I miss something? :?

On the fan radio network miller was quoted saying his team was a qb driven team and his quarterback is not playing very well. Usually they call out recievers and blocking before the qb. Really caught me off guard. I'm sorry I don't have the quote online. I listened to it on fan960 am radio. I will see if I can find the coments on www.fan960.com

Aren't the Riders rockin a three-game losing streak? Just sayin... :lol:

The Riders are very likely to sit a lot of players in week 19, if only for a half. Essentially the next 2 weeks are meaningless for the Riders, so you can take the results with a grain of salt.

i am a lions fan but the Riders have it all ove r the lions. Some teams feel very confident against other teams . Bc vs Calgary, Edmonton vs Sask., etc. but the lions do not do well against the Riders for some reason. i think the Riders love playing and beating my lions. i am worried for this weekend because the Esks should beat Winnipeg and the lions are always in tough against the Riders.

This isn't pro-wrestling. If the Undertaker loses on Monday Night Raw, immediatly before Survivor Series, yeah you can bet he's going to win at Survivor Series. But this is football. You actually think the Riders fear winning against the Esks because this means they'll lose against the Esks in the playoffs?

And your comment about the coaches: You'd rather lose in the playoffs to get rid of two guys you don't like, than you would have the Riders win and prove you wrong about the guys you don't like. That sounds like a phoney fan.

Riders need to start clicking as a team, no rest for starters unless they are trying new personal to shore up.... well all 3 areas of the team need help. We need to get the magic back we had before.