Western Semi in BC or Calgary?

The home playoff game is not possible anymore I'm afraid x_x so I'm hoping it's in Calgary. I might be able to make it to that game this year if it's there and plan a trip to gather with my brothers who are in Alberta.

Where do you guys want to see us play the semi in? Anyone interested in a trip to BC for the semi?

Still possible.. but the Riders would have to Win all there games,Calgary beating BC they could squeak out second place an still lose 1 of there remaining games but not against BC..

That said.. I dont like there chances unless Joesph catches on Fire, He has showed flashes of brilliance but has been too inconsistent, and the knee injury limiting his mobility isnt helping.. would rather play BC in the Semi..Burris has had our number for the past 2 years

There is still a chance to host a playoff game, so I;m not thinking otherwise until it is mathematically impossible to host

It is mathematically possible to get 1st place, but don't hold your breath.
Second is very possible as Calgary and BC play back-to-back.
If either team sweeps, the Riders will be in control (for second).
Cheer for TO next week....

yea, the West is still up for grabs, except for 4th place

...for what it is worth, here is my opinion.....and this assumes the Riders finish in third.....

.....you want to see the lions in the Semi and the stamps in the final, and here is why....

....the Riders have BC's number and going into BC Place with that confidence is huge....a road game always solidifies a team to the purpose at hand and Danny can play the us against all-them card to boot.....win that game and you carry the high of the win into Calgary the next weekend.....my Stamps will not have played a competitive game for three weeks at that point and could be pretty darn slow to start.....momentum could overcome the fact that Burris plays well against you guys....just a thought......

Or we could go into Calgary and Burris could pull one his usual playoff choke jobs...or Higgins could make another bonehead call like he did when he was the coach of the Esks....

....perhaps, but more than likely we beat the pants off your team like we have twice this year.....then your team has to go home sans pants.....in the cold....brrrrr....

I wanna see it in BC … just a quick ferry ride over :wink: – im a loud audience memeber to have cheering… -air horns cow bells, loud voice… I want to excersize all of these plus I want to get to at least 1 game this season…

Really? In a one game shot, what happened during the regular season is going to matter?? Upsets just dont happen in these games… :roll:

...I agree, upsets just don't happen....no pants, you don't want to go there...

Edmonton 33 Calgary 26 , yeah upsets never happen.. or the 2004 West semi... if your team is like you and looks past the game, they will be watching the West Final and GC game just like last year...

....anyway, I just worked it out, BC will finish with a record of 13-5, Calgary 11-7 and Saskatchewan 10-8.....so I guess we'll see on Nov.5th what happens.....(psst, tell your guys to bring extra pants and keep them on the bus).....

Ahhhhh!!! Gypsies are loose everywhere with there Crystal balls and chests a thumpin..

Pants? We don neeeed noo stinkin pants

Crystal balls are okay.....crystal balls can be broken.....brass ones, on the other hand.....

…crystal, brass or big ol’ iron ones that clank when you walk…I’ll put mine on the line tonight and say my boys best your boys come November 5th…and if I come out on the losing end that day then you have my unwavering support for your mean greenies from there on to the GC…

Well it’s looking a bit better for Sask. I thought we’d lose ot BC but a series of bizarre events put us at 7-6 with an easy schedule ahead of us. It’s realistic to run the table now that we’ve beaten BC. Edmonton and Montreal should be 8 points in the bag, and the Toronto game is definitely winnable also their offence is horrible. It’ll likely be a low scoring game but I think the Riders should win.

This is the Riders chance to put their winning streak together, and finally get the home playoff game.

Since we’re on the topic of looking into crystal balls let’s look at the three teams schedules from here on.

VS Edmonton W
@ Montreal W
VS Montreal W
@ Toronto W
@ Edmonton W

@ Hamilton W
VS Calgary W
@ Calgary L
VS Hamilton W
VS Winnipeg W

@ Toronto W
@ BC L
@ Winnipeg W

This puts Sask at 12-6, Calgary at 12-6, BC at 13-5. Still not good enough for the Riders to get a home playoff game, but if BC loses one game to Winnipeg or even Hamilton then all three teams are 12-6. I believe a three way tie for first with all three teams at 12-6 put the Riders in first place. It would go to whoever holds the season series I believe. The Stamps would be over the Riders 2-1. Riders over Lions 3-1. and Lions over Stamps 3-1. What a mess, too bad they didn’t give us another game against Calgary :s

I think a more realistic look would be a split with Montreal, split with Edmonton, and a win against Toronto (so long as we use a running game in that one).

I just can't see the Riders winning the remaining five.

doesnt really matter who ya play first ....... we'd have to go through both teams to get to the cup anyways

Don't be too quick to trash R&W's theory.

The Riders seem to have BC's number. he is also right about Calgary having that bye week and possibly not playing for three weeks.

Personally, Id like to see Calgary and Saskatchewan play each other in triple over time at minus 30 degree temprature with 70 km per hour winds.

And then come to BC Place for the Western Final! :wink: