Western Semi-Final: Calgary at Edmonton 4:30 EST

With the Lions blowing out the Als 31-1 it's more or less a lock that it's going to be Calgary vs Edmonton next Sunday.

So, I think Calgary has the edge to be honest here. they're on a role with 3 wins in a row while the Esks have been struggling to get any consistency.

Considering we went 2-0 in Calgary and 0-1 in Edmonton, I think I would've preferred playing this one on the road. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree about Calgary having the edge. Edmonton did not play well against Saskatchewan this past Friday night. In fact they were lucky to win the game- even with 1st place on the line. The Esks will need to muzzle Cornish and Rambo as always. Now they have Tate to contend with. Yes, they won their series against the Stamps but Tate is a different calibre than Burris.

I'm hoping Edmonton wins the Western Semi because I think the Lions have a better chance of beating them than beating Calgary. However, after watching the Lions devour the Als last night I don't think it matters. It is just that Calgary is like a freaking mosquito that you can't get rid of.

Ricky Ray is a smart QB and he can take off when everything is covered. He doesn't appear to have the deep ball consistently any longer which was one of his weapons. It isn't that he can't thrown the ball deep. He's just not as accurate and doesn't do it as often. Messam will be key to establishing a run game. Take away the Esks run game and it will make it that much more difficult for Stamps, Barnes and Bowman.

I hope Edmonton studies the game films on Caglary's Tate night and day between now and next week. He could give the Esks fits. Good thing the game is being played in Commonwealth.

For sure the game will be interesting, but for the Eskies; win the line of scrimmage battles - blitz Tate (often) right from the get go - wide out/screen/hitch in the flat will be a factor as well == Ricky Ray has his day cut out for him, thus the running game will be a factor; either Messam/Cornish (fumbles) > I still say Special Teams will dictate on who wins....ect.

Just can't see the Esks staying within 17 of the Stamps in this one.

As usually is the cse this game will be won by whichever team can win the turnover battle. I'm not as impressed as most with Tate and I think we will see Burris in the game before the half. Calgary has turned the ball over more than any team in the CFL and if they do it again on Sunday it could be a long day. Both teams played last week against a wounded opponent so I don't take anything from those games. As per any perceived inconsistancy, The Eskimos won 3 of their last 4, I'll take that any day.

The winner of this game wins the Grey Cup, mark it down.

My concern is that Tate will try to do too much and make bad decisions with the ball. If the Stamps get Cornish and Coker (sp) going it could be a long day for the Eskies.

Go Stamps Go!!!

Oh I can.

Drew Tate is still learning on the job, and seems to have a little trouble with interceptions. . . with all due respect to Gridiron Guru who seems to think he's hall of fame bound (and he may be. . . just that it's way too soon to say), the guy is not CFL-experienced.

And he'll be going up against a Rich Stubler defence. Rookie QBs have always had trouble trying to read a Rich Stubler defence (remember one Timmy Chang?), and even Anthony Calvillo, holder of most all significant QB records in league history, has always struggled going against a Rich Stubler defence.

So I don't think a Stamps' win in this one is a slam dunk. While I won't stick my neck out and predict an Edmonton victory, it wouldn't shock me if it came to be.

Agreed, defenses have now got a book on Tate. Look for the league leaders in turnovers to continue the trend.

...oh yeah?! well no one has the book on Brad 'Secret Weapon' Sinopoli..!!

MADJACK, I wouldn't want to be in your SHOES when Gridiron Guru sees that you've been questioning his ABILITY to pick a future HALL of FAMER....he knows one when he sees ONE, and I can't wait for him to EXPLAIN to Voice how Tate will DISMANTLE his beloved eskimos defense with one arm TIED behind his back.

Same goes for Matt 'Underneath Dodge' Nicholls...


...too subtle?...i dunno, maybe

Delicate/faint and mysterious.....I give you that RedandWhite :slight_smile:

...I'm not sure I take that as a compliment, it sounds like how one might describe lingerie :smiley:

and we all know there is no room for lingerie in football :wink:

The Secret Weapon/Underneath Dodge....the book; followed by the motion picture movie in 3 D :rockin:

Well there is truth that the Lions would rather face Edmonton than Calgary in one article I read.
Mosquito; if it is Calgary vs Lions, Burris is on the bench and will be ready to bite if needed.

Calgary - 23
Edmonton - 29

That's my Personal Jinx.

I don't think it matters which team wins on Sunday, whoever comes out of Alberta will take the final. I think that the Lions are both overconfident and scared to lose. There will be so much pressure on the Lions that they are ripe to be beaten. To me it's a dangerous combination to be cocky in a must win situation.

The Grey Cup is coming to Alberta, which city though is the big question. As an Eskimo fan, I am more afraid of Calgary than I am of Vancouver because again I think the Lions are due for a fall.