Western Semi: CAL @ SSK

I’m cheering for whichever team can beat WPG.

I would also like to see TSN do a deep dive into BLM’s career win percentage, as I feel that story has not been told enough.

I am conflicted. I dont want to cheer for Calgary, but I dont want Maas team to win either

Go Stamps.

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When Bo's on, he tough to beat - sadly.

Wow! A 124 yard missed FG return - maybe not. :slight_smile:

Almost. CAL benefits from a poor penalty call against SSK. Suitor is not happy.

Quite a turn of events with CAL then taking an interception to the SSK 5, and then scoring a TD. Refs deciding the course of this game so far.

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Fajardo officially on fraud alert

Yes. You gotta worry about these refs trying to set the tone early in the game...

Just don't post that on social media where he may see it. You would risk hurting his feelings.

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Powell game to play...

Suitor using his skeptical tone of voice after CAL score like he's not sold that it actually happened.

Suits is happy now with Riders on the move...

Another pick! And Suits is suddenly quiet.

For a guy who claims he doesn't pay attention to social media/media he seems awfully tuned in.

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Ugh. Can't they both lose?

Fajardo turning in a Harris-like performance with two turnovers already in the first quarter. Will be hard to match Harris' five though.

Cal D having trouble stopping Powell.

If you thought they exhausted the "Craig and Dave are brothers " angle you would be wrong.
Oh, so wrong.


Bo picked off on a tip