Western REceivers over 1000 yds 2005

Stats for western receivers only above 1000 yds receptions:

J Tucker 104 rec for 1622 yds av 15.6 with 20 TD's
N Lewis 82 rec for 1407 yds av 17.2 with 19 TD's
D Mitchell 104 rec for 1343 yds av 12.9 with 20 TD's
G Simon 89 rec for 1322 yds av 14.9 with 18 TD's
J Copeland 68 rec for 1299 yds av 19.1 with 19 TD's
M Stegall 53 rec for 1193 yds av 22.9 with 17 TD's
E Thurmon 88 rec for 1048 yds av 11.9 with 7 TD's
J Clermont 78 rec for 1042 yds av 13.4 with 18 TD's

So for the Lewis haters out there this kid did very well for a second year player.

look at steagalls numbers compared to the rest....no comp.

He had less receptions than anyone on the list, was second last in touchdowns (yes to thurmon), third last in yards, and played on the worst team (5-13) of anyone on the list.

touche roughy

Of that list Tucker is probably the best one h is definitely one of the top 3 receivers in the league

No need to rank Lewis to show how good he is. His numbers speak for themselves.
I think he's phenomenal. You could see it in '04, even though he played for a terrible team, and he lived up to it in '05, with over 1400 yards and 19 touchdowns.