Western Mustangs land Canada's #1 high school QB.

[url=http://www.canadafootballchat.com/news/recruiting/5650-western-mustangs-get-committment-will-finch-video.html]http://www.canadafootballchat.com/news/ ... video.html[/url]

The UWO juggernaut continues. :rockin:

NOt too knowledgable about the ontario CIS teams. Will Finch be starting in his first year, or do they have a starter that will finish out?

The McMaster Mauraders juggernauted the Stangs last year. :wink:

i wonder if kyle Q. will get picked up.

I think Donnie Marshall has one year left.

This Finch kid is the real deal, he will probably be on a CFL roster one day imo

Yeah right, and we will see a day when CIS coaches get shots in the CFL too.