western final

im just wondering when everyone is planning on showing up for the game on sunday , my friend and i are taking the bus and hope to be at bc place around 930 , somebody says there playing the eastern final as well is that tru

GO LIONS GO :thup:

Doors open at 1130 right?

GO LIONS GO is right. The earlier the better. Let's hope it's a gorgeous day like today - makes for great tailgating beforehand. I'm really looking forward to the game....our Lion's have given us nothing but thrilling entertainment all year long - they deserve a win here at home. And we'll help them with that, won't we guys?

I Cant make it to the game but i am going to the grey cup. I live in the okanagan so its hard to get down when your 15. but im ordering a pizza having some friends over and it's gonna be a great day. MAKE IT LOUD IN THERE.

Pamela Anderson and Justin Moreuu will be at the game. The Street Party will start at 10:30.

nice cant wait to see those to at the game

and Kid Rock too

Kid Rock will be in the house too?