Western final tickets

Hi there does anybody know why you can't buy upper deck tickets on the ticket master website for the WF?

And has any body heard how many tickets they have sold so far?

I believe they sell the bottom first,30 to 35,000. Van. is a last minute City.They will open it this week,pretty sure.

The top section is open. Tickets have been available up there!

i got front row upper deck tickets 2 weeks ago,lets sell this game out!

Don't get your hopes up there is only 35.000 tickets sold, i heard this morning,
I say 40.000 to 45.000.

35,000 with a week left! that is a ton of time to get 20 000 more

Your dreaming, this not the canucks.

last years west final a week before the game had only sold 30 000 we ended up with 55 000, HOLLA!

Ok Then I AM sorry i love the lions, i do i didn't know that HOLLA, bY THE WAY I AM GOING TO THE GAME ALSO.Here is a question out their to all you lions fans how many fans will be at the game on sunday, i say 45.000 at the most, just because of what had happend at the end of the seson with thier 6 game losing streak.Who has jumped on the bandwagon?

.....[soundeffect] cricket and whispering wind [/soundeffect]..........

i say 55 000

Tickets fro the western final are only at 30.000 we are probebly only get 37.000 heard it today.What a jokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I am now not going.

Bring on the 60.000 for the gray cup.

I am now not going.
How come?

Don't you like football?

Wow … you’re a great fan.

Are you more interested in how many people are in the stands or what’s happening on the field?


Fairweather fan I guess.

We got our tickets! Lunch downdown, The Game, Dinner down town. Should gain 10 pounds on SUnday!

hey guy's maybe i should have not of said it that way ,but come on a western final should be a automatic sell out , and we call ourselfs a football town? think about IT, lets get out there and support them, i am ,aim going i was just frustrated.


There are several factors hurting ticket sales:

• The Lions losing 6 of 7 to end the season including a brutal showing against the Riders in front of their largest crowd of the season.

• They had 2 weeks less to sell the Western Final because they were unable to clinch it earlier.

• Without NHL hockey and the Grey Cup … the Western Final was THE biggest sporting event in Vancouver last fall and attracted fans from around the province.

There will still be around 40,000 in the dome come Sunday and it will be loud! The 13thman will be a factor!

I Agree but that is no excusse, i am not a bandwagon jumper, where most of the fans in this city are, I love The canucks and the lions, i was brought up on both teams i guess we have to face that unless it is a grey cup that dome stadium is too big. a Get a knew stadium 35.000 to 40.000 no more.Any wase i am going to the grey cup were at lest i will see a sell out there.Still go lions

The Lions need to talk to the Whitecaps about being a tenant in their new stadium and and see if the capacity can be increased 35,000.

I totaly agree than they would not have this problem, are you going the WF?