western final ticket count

Does any body have an idea how many tickets are sold yet?

I'm trying to understand how we can have 60,000 for the Grey Cup yet Western Final tickets are going so slow.

What percentage of Grey Cup attendees are from out of town (outside Vancouver and the Island)? 10 %? 30 %? I guess if 18,000 people are coming in from out of town then only 40,000 or so locals are going to the Grey Cup?

Hey there all you lion fans just heard on the radio from bob ackles that we are at the 26.000 ticket sale wright now he said he is expecting 50.000 to a sell out he also said that we are about 2000 tickets sold ahead from last year. so lets fillit up, and make lots of noise.

Go lions Gol

Update for tickets just this morning sold 27,800 came from bob ackles on mojo
he said he is still ahead of the ticket sales than last year

Go Lions

Remember that the Western Final starts at 3 pm, and doors open this time 90 minutes before, at 1:30.

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