western final starts at 4:30 pm eastern

Heard today from Rick Dahliwall on NW that the western final and Western Semi Final start at 4:30 pm Eastern, 1:30 pm our time.

So for the canuck game that is good news, because i think there will be a lot of canuck fans going to the WF or Semi Final.

dupsdell, why would you title your thread with a 4:30 Eastern time. The majority of people on here don’t live in Toronto

so I guess the big question is can the Lions use the hockey game at 5 as a reason for more people to come to the football game at 1:30?

Don't worry 120db if the game is against sask it will sell out, if it is Calgary we will get at least 50,000

In dupsdells defense he added 1 30 our time.