Western Final - GDT

Need to focus on something else to numb my pain.


First topic: what’s with BLM and the Rambo headband? I don’t think he can pull it off.

He’s warn it all year. And ya....it looks dumb.?

Well, how about that. Bernie Ruoff held the record for longest playoff field goal (56 yards, 1984) until Medlock just beat it by a yard.

Always liked Bernie.

BLM wills CAL into the end zone on a 15 play, 8 minute drive. They go into the lead 7-6.

Calgary taking over.

I totally expect this to be a much closer and more competitive game. GO STAMPS (to keep peace in the family!) :wink:

Should the Stamps win, (and they just scored TD #2 so they’re getting on a roll) I’m SURE they’ll be looking for revenge for that 2016 GC loss to the OTTRBs. I hope that they beat them down silly!

“why do all the penalties go to fu***ng Mike O’Shea - Cause he’s Canadian” - Class act Dave Dickenson.

I HATE all teams that wear Red and Black so here we go…SCREW the Stamps and SCREW the REDBLACKS !!! If we aren’t in it then I’ll be damned if I’m going to cheer for either of these teams next week . The HELL with both of them . GO BOMBERS GO !!! and by the off chance that they’re not there next week ? I could honestly care less who wins the Grey Cup if the game is between the REDBLACKS and the BLACKREDS because personally although I respect both organisations I equally HATE both of them and honestly could not with any integrity ever cheer for either of them given the choice !!!

I thought I misheard that!! What a jerk!

I’ve never really had an issue with Calgary. They’re a great franchise. The issue I have with Ottawa may be jealousy, cause I feel like the run they’re on should be us. And the reasons it isn’t is more on us than them.

They’re a sub .500 franchise too and people talk about them like they’re a dynasty.

Product of the CFL east I guess.

I feel much the same way. Daughter is a Stamps fan - result of living in Calgary for 4 years although she’s back here now - so we have a “friendly” rivalry going. I’ll happily cheer for them - but I’ll also happily cheer for the Bombers who’s GC drought is even longer than the Ticats!
Encountered a Stamps fan in the lobby of our hotel last year in Ottawa who “assumed” that I’d be cheering for the ARGOS!!! :o :o :o :o :o :o I told him that we were DEFINITELY cheering for the Stamps because we all know that the ARGOS SUCK!!! :smiley: He got a good laugh out of that!

Defenses stepping it up in the second half here.

Medlock keeping WPG in the game.

It would be funny if they can win without scoring a TD.

Shades of the OTTRBs first game against Hamilton back in July. We finally got the TD but Lewis hit on 7 FGs!
Nichols just missed a WIDE open Harris who was unexpectedly scampering down the field.

That was Streveler.

Not looking good but hoping not to see the RedBlacks vs the blackreds in the Grey Cup.

A REDBLACKS vs Stamps Grey Cup… real exciting. /s

Turns out three TDs beats three FGs.

Whoda thunk it?? ;D ;D ;D- But at one point early in the fourth it was a three point game and could have gone either way. Actually it was four FGs - one kicked as I typed - but 3 TDs still beat it!

Looks like the green and gold will be painted red white and black next weekend.
Looking forward to seeing how the Stamps D shuts down the OTTRBs offense. Maybe we can learn something from it.

Peggers are within eight with the latest Medlock are are definitely going for a short side kick to try to maintain control of the ball with 38 seconds remaining - but - it doesn't work. Stamps recover and can run out the clock here.

I know this isn’t the case, but I felt like commentators were taunting us when they talked about how important it is to have big receivers. It sure helped Eric Rogers on his last TD that he was able to our-jump the defender for the ball.