Western Final 2021

Hey Riders, it's been done before. 1989, Riders went into Calgary for the Western semi final, and won which surprised most people. Most said it doesn't matter cause now they have to go to Edmonton and play the 16 and 2 Eskimos. No chance: BUT, the Riders went into Edmonton and defeated Goliath!! Then won the Grey Cup. We can do it again!!


I have HOPE too... but the bombers are extremely dominant in all aspects of the game

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I believe this is the year the Riders get over the hump. They've had solid seasons for the past five years or so just haven't been able to pull it together in the playoffs.

That drive Cody put together there in the 4th is the turning point just like that pilon dive in 2019 vs Hamilton

I think the O line needs the youth on it to mature a season or two more

Now Purifoy apparently was with a group who got into a disturbance at Earls.

Good grief. Hope he didn't do anything stupid

Big deal, small potatoes . Let’s get on w/the game.

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Looking forward to the game after last weeks OT thriller .

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You think ratings can top 1.5 million viewers this weekend?


Not sure but I wouldn't be surprised if it does after the last west semi game's entertainment .

Double that

No, but it'll probably get 1.2 or 1.3.

I think it will top 1.5

Probably, between sask. And Manitoba alone.

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Anyone know who the ref is for the Western Final?