Western Final 2004

Alright. I just need to clarify something. Since last November there have been a sworm of Rider fans claiming we were only one FG away from being in the GC. DID I MISS SOMETHING??? Because as far as I could tell, we were one FG away from another round of OT. That is all. We still could have lost. By that point, both teams were running on all cylinders and it could have easily went either way. The only thing Paul should be blamed for is not keeping us in it. Who knows, had we scored the FG, BC may have gotten a TD. I don’t like to go against Rider fans, and I hate saying the Riders aren’t as good as I wish they were, but a FG would not have put us in the GC, it would have only gotten us closer. It was still up to our offence to get a TD next round and our defense to prevent one… and we all know how good they can be at crunch time. :twisted: Sorry, I just wanted to get that out. It has been buggin’ me since last November. Have a great day all and…

Go Riders!!

When I saw that I really felt more sorry for Paul. Not because the Riders lost. That made me happy, but because of what would become of him. When you give your own kicker death threats you can't be considered a true fan of your team. And personnally I don't think the Riders would've won the GC if they'd made it.


Way to go, Doc. I was beginning to wonder if I was the sole person in this province who had figured that out.

Thanks for the positive response. I thought I was going to be screamed at. Some Rider fans don't like other Rider fans who have eyes and a brain.

Go Riders!!

Nobody was saying that with that field goal that the Riders would win. Everyone knows that there would have been more overtime, in which would have given them one ( or more ) shots at winning the game. The way the offence was playing it was a great possibility of scoring again.

Well, one thing's for sure, NOT making that FG did keep them OUT of the Cup ... but that's not the exact opposite of "making that FG would have put them in the Cup". It is true that they still would have had to win another OT. Unlike the Flames, who were gypped out of a goal in Game 6 of the Finals (the puck was in), with only 7 minutes left in the 3rd and the score tied at 2. (Not that I'm still bitter or anything.)

I too feel sorry for McCallum ... that missed kick must have destroyed his confidence, and it's probably a large part of why he's struggling this year.

I don't feel sorry for Paul at all. That is all McCallum is supposed to do, kick field goals. I feel sorry for Riders fans who were denied their rage because some morons managed to turn McCallum into a victim and making him untouchable to any negativity. If anything, missing that field goal was the best thing that could happen to him. Now he can screw up all he wants and no one can say anything because he is a victim.

Wouldn't it be ironic if this all played it self out again. McCallum misses an easy last second FG or OT kick in any round of the playoffs. If I were McCallum I'd put my self under the protection of the Special Victims Unit if it happened

wouldn't it be even more ironic if Paul McCallum nailed the game winning field goal in the grey cup and then told off all of his "fans" from saskatchewan as revenge.

Actually, milkman and Tvor, neither situation would be ironic - it would be coincidence. :smiley:

......Dr.R you are correct in that history lesson, but I do remember momentum being on the rider side, it's an intangible thing yes, but many people (myself included) think the riders would have won had that 3 pointer been nailed based on momentum........