Western fans vs Eastern fans

The question is simple: do you live in the West (Manitoba, and everything west of it) or in the East (Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes)?

I want to see if there are as many eastern fans as western fans here...

ontario…no place like home…hahaha

Ontario. Better Yet T.O! (Well right now Kingston) But Still T.O Born! The Greatest City In The World!

This is a misleading question. I live in Alberta but I cheer for the Ti-Cats so what do I vote? I love all of Canada!

the question is...where do u LIVE NOW....so you would click: WEST

It depends on what scope was meant. And if you really follow the question litterally it would be something like being a fan of East or West Canada. Nothing to do with football. Just which part of Canada you prefer.

well I lived in BC most of the year, but now I'm living in Montreal, but I'll be back in BC by next spring.

I guess I'll pick East for now, but Go Lions!!


Montreal Born & raise, now living in the Ottawa area, but I still have my Al'S season tickets :slight_smile:

Should be on my way back to Mtl by Christmas for my work !

Smart poll CanucKev. I reside in supernatural BC.

I'm trying to see the number of CFL fans living in Eastern Canada vs the number of CFL fans living in Western Canada ... not the number of Western team fans living in Western Canada, etc.

I keep hearing the CFL is much more popular in the west. So I decided to try and see how this forum follows that ... judging by how many CFL fans are in each half of the country, as of this instant, basically.

What this shows is that westerners vote more in polls. :smiley:

People in Saskatchewan have never seen a poll that they won't vote for and dominate the results. Tommy Douglas the greastest Canadian yeah right!

Who would've you picked?

There's 350 million Americans who would love to have universal health care, the thing which Tommy Douglas brought Canadians.

Sir Frederick Banting

Quebec city

Its the only thing we win....When it comes to elections...its over before we even close the polls out here!


I would have voted for the unknown solider

The options for this poll are limited. What if the fan lived in the Territories (NWT, Yukon, or Nunavut)? Heck, for pure comedic reasons, I'd have thrown in a "Parts Unknown" or (a personal fav of mine, and would be perfect for peeps like KK) "The Outer Limits of Your Mind" :lol: