Western/Eastern Finals..

Want to wish good luck to all the teams and players who are left in the hunt for the Grey Cup.. Good luck to the Stamps, Als, Argo, and Rider. Hope we see good games..
Hopefully the Riders are not trying to kill me like last week.. Almost had a few heart attacks...
Once again.. Good luck all.

Pfft. I say good luck to the Argos and Stamps and nuts to the Als and Riders! :smiley:

HEY!!!!!!!!! What kind of self respection Edmontonian cheers for a Calgary team... lol... even tho I am an anti-eskimo, if my boys were not in it.. Id be cheering for the Esks..
Bad Chief...

Good luck Argos, Stamps and Riders!
I think I forgot someone? Nah!

Go Argos!!

Ordinarily, I’d cheer against the Stamps, but I’m having too much fun cheering against the Riders. Besides, I don’t want another Grey Cup to end on a penalty. :smiley:

hardy har har... lol....fine.. have it your way..
Anyway.. like I said.. good luck all..

Only an Esky fan would cheer for the Stamps, while the Stamp fans luv crushing the Esky's. Every game this year stamps continued to stomp on the Eskimos, no mercy given. I think Chief really is a stamps fan, just in the closet. :wink: Much like Henry Burass. Coincidence ??? Oiler's are stripping as well, strip shoot out? Ya right.

What the he'll is wrong with that province? Guys in bras or stripping on the ice, geez. :oops:

You're not looking at the big picture. The Stamps advance to the Grey Cup to take on the Argos, a team that wasn't expected to even make the playoffs, and they get crushed. Imagine the humiliation!!!

I might just be an evil genius. :twisted:

right...lol... thats your plan alright Chief..