western division predictions for 2005

Now that it’s April and training camp is getting closer and closer as each week passes, curious to see how Stamp fans think the Stampeders will fair this year.

Western Division

British Columbia Dickensen and Printers unstoppable
Edmonton Jones and Maas compete and make the Eskies better
Calgary a rough start but a strong finish gets Stamps in the playoffs
Saskatchewan Crandell and Greene keep the Riders close to the end
Winnipeg a year of rebuilding

I would change Edmonton with Calgary because Edmontons coaching is such a joke.

Sorry boys but you’ve got it all wrong.

  1. BC or Saskatchewan
  2. One of the above
  3. Edmonton or maybe just maybe Calgary
  4. Probably Calgary
  5. The Slack Jawed Yokels From The Peg

That’s How it’ll end up

said with authoritaaayy.


  1. stamps for sure no doubt
  2. saskatchewan
  3. bc
  4. ehh the last two dont matter cuz i hate both teams but i hate edm more so…winnipeg
  5. edmonton

Bombers - Wynn, feel good story of the year
BC- QB controversy finally destroys Lions
Riders - Reality sets in, just because you hate Burris, doesn’t mean he stinks
Eskies - You fired a coach who gave you 4 playoff appearences in 4 years- 2 GC appearenced, your 1st GC in a decade, and reigning “Coach of the Year” at the time. Can someone say “spoiled”? Good luck Danny, that’s the resume of a “bad” coach.


Burris and Copeland doesn’t automatically make the Stamps the team to beat. it makse them in the race for second with sask.

BC takes top spot for obvious reasons, best QB’s in the game stable of receivers, and improvements to their secondary. That AND they were the best team last year, so…

The Peg and Edmonton get to fight it out for fourth. should be interesting, even with the addition of Montford, i dont think that Edmonton will be bale to make it back to the playoffs. We’ll see i guess.


I honestly think that Burris + Copeland + Nik Lewis (rookie of the year) + Joffrey Reynolds ( 500 yards in like, 5 gms) + one of the best defences in the league last year, automatically makes them a serious threat in the West. Uncontested…over the top, maybe. I am not a Stamps fan (hard to believe) but I do have a soft spot for them because I go to every game. (just picked up my season tix, sweet!).

1 calgary
2 b.c.
3 sask
4 edmonton
5 winterpeg

edm-its edm
win-will surprise most
sask–chronic underachievers, last year will not be repeated
cgy --improved but really… not that much.

2-4 will be very close.

Edmton and Winnipeg Can fight for 4th spot


Some of you need to put away the pom-poms and take a dose of reality.

4th and 5th will be a toss up between Winnipeg and Calgary.

Yes, and you should say no to drugs! :roll:

  1. BC …Wally is the best organized and starts fast…two proven QBS and an underated defence…hungry this year after being close in 2004
  2. Edmonton…Khari will help Mass…signings on the Defence were Montford and Davis Sanchez…that will put them in the playoffs
    …The last 3 spots and the last playoff spot are all very close and tough to predict…there may even be a cross-over this year where the 4th western team makes the playoffs.
    Here it goes…
  3. Calgary…Burris stays healthy and develops a happy relationship over the top with Jermain Copeland…Linebackers lead the defence in the key games late in the season.
  4. Winnipeg…Jim Daley brings more discipline and fewer penalties to the Bombers…two young QBS do well…Charles Roberts has enough left in him to help.
    5)Saskatchewan…not for lack of effort…maybe for a lack of $$$ the Riders come close and are in it to the end. Crandell has a good arm but is always moved into new offences…Nelon Greene is aging and primarily uses the run.
    If the Riders can start faster they can avoid the cellar.

if anyone here thinks the riders arent going to make the playoffs this year they are crazy. we have made it for the last 3 years and our team only has got better over the off season:
5. Winnipeg(close finish with calgary)

sorry, The only reason the Riders made it is at the expense of the Stamps. Not this year. You put the two most improved teams at the bottom. I do not believe Saskatchewan did anything other then sign 9 & 9 players. Where this year they will be 6 & 12.

haha… dude ur a fucking joke… much like your team… honestly… like they have nothing going for them… i cant believe copeland would subject himself to playing for such a cracked out team… makes no sense but w/e i guess…

its clearly gonna be as follows:

3… oh wait… Sask.
4. does it really matter anymore?
5. do you get the picture?

Edmonton- will have the top defence.
B.C.- Tomuch thought about there QB’s, forgot about the rest of the team.
Sask.- Much improved with a healthy Green
Winnipeg- Wynn will take them to the crossover
Calgary- Burris is a slite improvement over Crandell, but not enough to get them out of the basement.


Well I can see a few unemployed comedians have mande it on this site.

  1. BC
    2)Calgary or Edmonton or Winnipeg
  2. or 4) from above
  3. Saskatchewan