After Toronto's showing today,don't bet on a western Grey Cup Champion this year! NO! I'am not a Toronto fan but this team's got it together big time! One win away from playing for the Cup in their own backyard! Look out BC,Sask or Calgary!

Man, I remember completely dismissing these guys when they went on their little skid without Bishop. I honestly didn't think they'd be able to fight for second, let alone first. This has to be one of the best comebacks of all time.

Congratulations to Toronto. With Montreal and Winnipeg both struggling right now, I could honestly see the Argos in the Cup this year.

Toronto played very well today, but I don't expect them to play any better, and most likely go back to how they played last week in Winnipeg.

The Grey Cup will be a tough game, but I do expect the West to come out on top again...barring injuries to key players.

What can you about Toronto today. That was quite a performance.

Good game Bishop. Although he did face that secondary.

I'am a westerner and want to see a western tean win but I wouldn't bet the farm on it! Not after today!

How about $100 Canadian?

Or $93 american

...Toronto will lose the GC in their own house to a western team...you may quote me on that son...

I think that's the first time all season that you've been bold enough to make a prediction. I will remember that comment! :lol:

I dont accept that funny American money too folatile.

isnt it $107 american?

Your right! I am always thinking the reverse on the money.

Toronto has sure been impressive in second half of season. Toronto should win grey cup if Calgary or Sasktchewan represents west. However BC can beat Toronto. BC is the best road team and has dominated Toronto for years.

BC is the only real threat in the West, imo. After watching the last few weeks, the defences of Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal are all playing superior football to anything the West has to offer. The GC will be won by the East this year, of that I have little doubt.

Its good to see Toronto playing well down the stretch when they are the GC host. Would love to see BC play against TO in a hostile environment. Thats the match up im hoping for!