Western Division Dominance?

Alouettes competitive with the Eskimos.

Argos push the Stamps right to the edge up until the end.

TiCats slap the Riders silly & punched the bullies right in the mouth.

So much for Western dominance! I'm sensing yet another Grey Cup Victory for The disrespected East! Path to victory goes through Hamilton &/or Toronto ladies & gents!

West started strong and is about to finish week.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :thup:

Fixed the grammar mistake for you before the grammar police arrive, cuff you, and start beating you with the spelling batons


Thanks HTD! Appreciate it.

I see the classy fans are out to play...dont recall a whole bunch of this post GC, the 1st game of this season, nor the romping the Cats took last year...oh well...most Cats fans are awesome...there are always the bad actors.

The disparity has gotten smaller, but make no mistake, it’s still dominance. 4 of the 5 West teams missing their starting QB certainly helps close the gap.

You need to lighten up… geez… humour seems unknown to you!

Thanks for the chuckle FenderGuy69. I needed a good laugh. I wish I could agree with you but reality is reality. The worst team in the West has twice as many wins as the East’s 3 top teams.

As far as the Argos pushing the Stamps right to the edge? The edge of what? The Argos were all over the Stamps running the score to 29-3. Teams have won games with far less than 29 points. My question is, where were the Argos in the second half? How does a team lose a game after dominating the opposition like that? Watch the game again and you’ll see how.

Bottom Line? Calgary is not only dominating the east, they are dominating the CFL!

When 3 of 4 teams are deadlocked in 1st place with only 3 wins each that is simply pathetic. Who wrote the script for that one?

I’m hoping the east sweeps all of the games next week except the Lions’ game for two reasons. Firstly, it will give the Lions a chance to pull closer to top spot in the West and secondly, I want to see a little more parity in the CFL. LIke a said, the top 3 teams in the East have only won 3 games each and the season is more than half over. Gag! Imagine what will happen if those teams lose their starting QBs like some of the teams in the West have recently experienced.

An Eastern Grey Cup Champion in 2014? I doubt it but this is the CFL and we all know what can happen in the CFL.

Could happen but like you say Calgary is the class of the CFL by a wide margin. As complete a ball team I've seen in the CFL. When your backup QB comes in and goes 6 for 6 and drives down the field for a TD your in pretty good shape and until I see Eastern teams winning on the road...

Okay it's decided !!!! The rest of the season is officially cancelled and the Grey Cup automatically awarded to the Stampeders.
In reality though in all seriousness if the Stamps don't win it all this year especially with the other team's QB's falling down like bowling pins out West,then they should just fold up the franchise and call it a day in Calgary........but as Beagle said this is the CFL and stranger things have happened. Just remember 2 years ago when a mediocre 9-9 team from the East defeated a far superior 12-6 squad from the West. So for all you Western team fans who are already drinking champagne out of the Cup and laughing at us in the East who according to you have absolutely NO CHANCE to win anything this year,let's just see who has the last laugh,when the dust settles on this season. :slight_smile:Believe It :cowboy: this season is far from over :smiley: Oh Yeah !!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: OSKI-WEE-WEE !!!!

Watermelon never tasted so good :rockin:


Next on the Agenda,a little Eskimo pie....Yummy !!!!!

a good old fashioned Cat fight....with the Lions with Dorothy at QB. :lol:

Followed up a plane crash in Winnipeg....Ouch !!!!


not hard to beat a team when they are missing their #1 QB. we all know what happened in November.......

You beat the team that is put in front of you…

Calgary lost their #1 QB and didn’t slow them down one bit and that’s on top of losing Glenn in the expansion draft just like the Riders did. Durant had Crompton numbers since the beginning of the year and they were living on the running game which Hamilton effectively nullified. They earned their “home” win.

There could well be surprises by the end of the year. My prediction, as it been since before the season began, is that for the first time we will be watching an all Western Grey Cup. The only question is which Western team will get the bye into the Grey Cup by winning the cross-over.

LMAO!!! Gee I guess we can use that same excuse then considering that Collaros missed 5 games this year with a concussion.
We would’ve won yesterday regardless if Durant was in or not.The only difference is that the score might have been a little closer than it was…believe that,like it or not :stuck_out_tongue: As for what happened in November…Big Deal,it’s ancient history,has nothing to do with what happened yesterday. We all know ya won the Cup last year,now stop your crying about losing your #1QB if you haven’t noticed a lot of teams have lost their #1 QB this year,life goes on,suck it up and just deal with it.We had to here in the Hammer for 5 games this year when Collaros went down,and outside of the two elder statesmen of Ray and Burris every other starting QB is now either injured or has been injured at some point this year.The ironic thing about you saying that it’s not hard to beat a team without their #1 QB is the fact that Ray and Burris combined this year are a sparkling 4-17 W/L on the season and like I said they are the last two standing as starters that have escaped injury this season.

Very, very unlikely that Winnipeg or Saskatchewan can win two consecutive road playoff games out East. Assuming Willy is healthy Winnipeg might be able to win the semi since they have a by in the last week of the season. Saskatchewan will have a hard time winning a game with Sunseri at QB and Edmonton softening them up the week prior. They just went and got humiliated against a Hamilton team that is hesitant running the ball. Imagine with Gable in the line up. Playing at Rogers is without a QB is not great for them either.

Really should be one of the Alberta teams vs one of the Ontario teams. Which ones ???

Can you explain how a western team gets a bye into the Grey Cup by winning the cross-over?

The cross-over team plays AT the eastern second place team. If they win that, they play AT the eastern first place team. If they win that, they go to the Grey Cup to play the winner from the west playoffs.

Where is the bye for the cross-over team?

Based on the Eastern teams performance thus far this year, whichever team wins the cross-over should have a fairly easy route to the Grey Cup. Hopefully this does not come to pass. Please don’t take everything you read on the site literally. This was my way of saying that the easiest route to the Grey Cup is through the East.

I’m thinking that eskfan figures that all the West team has to do is just show up for the game and they will automatically win by default without really having to play the actual game itself.That’s fine let him think that way,doesn’t bother me in the least.In fact I hope that the Pies show up at THF this Saturday figuring that they will walk out with an easy win against the Cats. If you think that the Cats laid a beat down on the Riders wait until you see the beat down they lay on those Eskimos this week,it will make the Rider game look like kindergarten in comparison.Prediction…The Cats smoke the Eskimos on Saturday…book it !!! It’s a SLAM DUNK 100% GUARANTEE WIN NIGHT for the Cats. Trust me NO one in the West wants to play the Cats especially now,and although they wont admit it every Western team knows that they all had a lucky rabbit in their back pocket and a large size horseshoe up their butts this season when playing the Cats(exception being the 1rst game vs Sask).The Cats so far this season have lost to the Esks by 4 the Stamps by 3 the Bombers by 1 the Lions by 7 and of course just crushed the Riders by 25. So let them think that they get an automatic bye in a crossover,I think not,bring it on please!!! I welcome it and look forward to it…See you all at THF for the East Final on Nov 23…and oh yeah,bring your “A” game cause you are going to need it. :rockin: :cowboy:

well one can say Zach, even though listed as a #1 qb, in terms of experience is closer to your back up than the experience of Durant yes?

so given the above info its apparently clear.

Hamilton TigerCats (with inexperienced qb) >>>>>>> Saskatoonee Rumpriders (with inexperienced qb)

I guess we’ll see, hope the Cats share that over confidence. I like the Eskimo’s chances on Saturday.

:) it has the makings of being the best game of the week :) It should be an old fashioned slobberknocker to quote Jim Ross of WWE fame. And in reality who knows,maybe an Eastern Final preview or even a Grey Cup preview. :D :lol: :thup: