Western Combine

Hi, are spectators permitted to the Western Combine in Edmonton Mar 18th? I am a personal trainer who specializes in rotational sports and have the chance to work with some upcoming CFL potentials ~ I’d like to watch the combine process and results next week…
Any help is appreciated


@K-Max may be able to find out who you could contact


@Jen4energy - PM'd you the contact you should email. Thanks!


Thank you so much!!!!

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Someone looking for a combine? We got those out west for sure! :+1:


Just saw this list of CJFL players particpating in this year's combines. Many of them went on to USports teams after the CJFL.

Adam Machart looked solid in the USports playoffs last year. I'll be interested to see how he does and where/if he gets drafted.

This year a new team will be playing in Prince George, so hopefully we'll see even more CJFL alum in the CFL in years to come.

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There is no doubt Junior Football is bigger in the West, as they send more players to the CFL. Not so much in the East. Levi Noel is one that comes to mind.

Here's a fun promo for the final combine:

I'd like to see the league continue to promote this event more and more. With all the Globals and the Nationals together, there must be some ways to garner more attention.