Here are my choices to come out of the West:

MOP Geroy Simon*
Canadian Brent Johnson*
Defense Brent Johnson*
Lineman Jay McNeil
Rookie Adam Braidwood*
Special Team Sandro DeAngelis*

  • Should win Canadian Award as well.

MOP Simon
Canadian Johnson
Defense Perry
Lineman O'Day
Rookie Hunt
ST DeAngelis

MOP: Simon
Canadian: Johnson
Defence: Johnson
Lineman: Could be anyone - I guess O'Day? Murphy's sick too
Rookie: Hunt!!!
Special Teams: Sandro DeAngelis

Hunt should be a lock for the West's rep for ROY. As well as Geroy for MOP.

This is about the WEST.... Mr Parker plays for the Argos

MOP: Geroy Simon
Canadian:Brent johnson
Defence:Fred Perry
Rookie:Aaron Hunt most likely, otherwise Luca Conji
Special Teams:Sandro DeAngelis

Glad to see the support for Aaron Hunt. Fred Perry is having a great season for the Riders, so he could get the call for the West. Or Johnson for both Canadian and Defence?

I think Fred Perry has had a more complete season, and i dont really see Brent Johnson, as amazing as he is, getting both awards...

I don't think Hunt will win, simply because voters will not choose 4 Lions and the ROY category is a bit of a crap shoot. If voters go for Simon(a lock in my opinion), Johnson in both Canadian and defense, then I am afraid that the voters will go elsewhere in the "soft" categories. I think Huntt loses out in the numbers game although he may well deserve the ROY.

Interesting. That would be a shame, however, as he clearly is the Rookie of the Year. Taking the award away from him simply because the Lions dominate in all of the other categories would be unjust and unfair.

I agree bclions4life. The amount of awards won by a team should have no bearing on the voting of another award. Personally I think SImon, Johnson as Canadian, and Hunt as ROY should all be locks. I think it will be a battle between Johnson and Perry for the defensive award although I believe Perry has been more dominant on defence this season (especially when looking at stats such as total tackles and tackles for losses).

Exactly... Brent Johnson will get Top Canadian, which still an amazing deal... and Fred Perry will get Defesive player of the year..

I would not be disappointed with those results if they were to happen. As long as my boy Hunt gets the Rookie of the Year award! Roughyfan, you speak the truth.

I agree completely but when it comes to the CFL awards what [/i]should happen and what does[i] happen are often totally different. The CFL awards are often a consolation prize. During the Eskimos 5 year run from 1978-1992, they completely dominated in all aspects yet only pulled in 2 CFL awards during that period.

It is extremely rare where one team will dominate the awards. The fact is that the awards are totally subjective and that the voters will often pick their 'home team' guy ahead of the guy who should win. More than that the voters will often vote strategically to avoid their rival getting the award. This year for instance there is bad blood between Calgary and B.C., there is a strong likelihood that voters in Calgary will not vote for B.C. players in every category and will vote for a Rider or an Eskimo in a category where they feel there is little chance for their guy to get in. In my opinion that category is the Rookie of the year.

J. R. Ruffin has had a good year but is obscured by Reynolds very long shadow. Luca Conji is a place kicker and kickers do not get consideration normally, except in the special teams category. That leaves Braidwood, voting for him prevents a near sweep by the Lions while at the same time he is a safe pick in a very tight race.[/i]

The 'Smos won a few more than 2 CFL awards during their five year run, but I suppose arguably, they should have won at least one more--hard to believe Warren Moon was only MVP once. Anyway, Dan Kepley won 2, and Moon one, so that was already 3, so I stopped looking.

I suspect though, that politics do play a role in these things, and people may indeed vote "strategically" to avoid a sweep by the Lions.
Particularly, it will be pretty easy to give Johnson the Canadian award, and hand the top Defensive player to Perry, and not too many people will be able to claim Johnson was shafted.
I think it is nearly a dead heat between those two guys anyway.
And I doubt the lions wil win the top o-line award either--but that one is easy anyway, cause they don't deserve that one.
It should be between O'Day and McNeil.
Politics may enter here as well, because winning 3 in a row already, some may look elsewhere than the Riders for that award.
I am not saying McNeil doesn't deserve it, but some may look at the Rider o-line this year and think they only did what was expected--maybe even less than expected, while cetainly Calgary's line played way over what I thought they were capable of.
So maybe McNeil deserves it.
But the west should take all 3 of these awards.
The only award I see the east being competitive in is the special team player. So bet on an east guy there. Likely Prefontaine.

The only absolute lock in the West is Simon, and that means he is likely a lock overall as well.
Roberts should easily be the east nominee, but unless he lights up the BC defence for big yardage this weekend, Simon is the clear favourite. Part of the problem for Roberts will also be that some sports writers might agree with me--that Reynolds has actually had a better overall year than Roberts, which should split the vote towards Simon.

Last, but not least, Aaron Hunt vs everybody at rookie.
The more I think about it, the more I am certain he deserves to win.
Frankly, he might win in a lot of years, but the competition really isn't all that strong against him.
Some of the so-called radio pundits in Riderville think Braidwood should be a lock.
(one of those pundits thinks Damon Allan should win the league MVP again this year.....sheesh)
But Braidwood, as far as I know, didn't have near the year that Hunt had. Not even close.
Luca has been great as a field-goal kicker, but he won't win because his punting was sub-par--I mentioned elsewhere, that it is a bit of an oddity, because if he had only placekicked, he might have had a chance--less is more--. Ruffin would be my darkhorse,(I'll take a second here to mention to the Cates fans out there, that I do not believe he got even one vote for rookie of the year in Calgary) just because he has decent return yards, plus played competently at his DB position. What might, and I guess should hold him back, is there were likely other DB rookies who were better. For example Johnson in Sask. I look at the rookie list down east and just shake my head, so I see no competition there.

Anyway, I see BC getting 3 minimum, but maybe 4 out of 6. The West should get 5 out of 6.


"The 'Smos won a few more than 2 CFL awards during their five year run, but I suppose arguably, they should have won at least one more--hard to believe Warren Moon was only MVP once. Anyway, Dan Kepley won 2, and Moon one, so that was already 3, so I stopped looking."

Sorry, what I meant to say was the Eskimos didn't win more than 2 in any year during their five year run. Ironically, Warren Moon never won the MOP during the run, he did however win it in 1983, the year the run ended.

My mistake as well.
Moon did win in 83. He clearly should have won in 82.
(I'll have to try to find out who did win that year.) All he did was rewrite the record book for QBs that year...
But I think you won the defensive player award nearly every year. So no, you didn't dominate the Schenleys, but I think your representation was not too bad.

The 1982 winner was Condredge Holloway of Toronto. My source doesn't name who the runner up is but I suspect it might have been Moon. The winner in '80 & '81 was Dieter Brock. In those years Winnipeg in my opinion got more CFL awards than they deserved, possibly because of their central location, in the days of less TV and no internet, Winnipeg perhaps caught the eye of sports writers East and West.

There you go.
They just got the MVP awards mixed up.
Moon should have won in 82, Holloway in 83.