Western Allstars?

Hey Guys just was looking at the west all stars and had some serious issues with the picks. I know I am a homer but Edmonton and BC getting 3 and 4 while Sask has 8?

Burris - had a good last month but a horrible first half and missed three games. Rays only worse stat is INTs and all the others made up for it. I would have picked Dickenson second anyway

Roberts/ Reynolds- the right picks maybe put Holmes due to his impact for Sask
Stegall/ Tucker- again the right picks great years
Thurman and thellwell- The worst picks on the whole team. Should have been Nick Lewis and Mitchell or Simon or Copeland all had better years

OLine- thought it was wrong to have 3 sask players but then I couldn't think of any better choices on ED/BC/Winn

Shultz/Napastiuk- good picks, no one better
Johnson - obvious
Walls- Don't get me wrong he is a great player and had a great year but I honestly belive Montford deserved this more. Joe was only two sacks behind, lead the league in FF and faced way more double teams than walls did.

Grace/White- excellent picks
Floyd- another bad pick Simpson, Coe, Mobley, Gass all were better this year
Omar morgan- great pick
Frank- Malcom had a good year too but I think Sanchez was better
Davis- ok
Brady- Wouldn't have picked him but couldn't think of anyone else who was better.
Miles- I like him and he is a good pick Wiltshire was awesome for edmonton this year
Deangelis- no other choice in the west
Ryan- He is winnipegs MVP best punter I've ever seenSay hello to the NFL
Holmes- maybe, I would have picked tompkins

I know I Know I am biased but whatever its always fun to second guess

I agree with you on the Thrumon pick. absolutely should not be on there. Edmontons whole recieving line up is better then him.

agree as well..although I think hes a great reciever he has been too inconsistent to get the nomination

This is a stupid question, but guys that make to the All Star team are voted by the public right?

Nope. The Football Reporters of Canada pick them.

That's fair (sarcasm)

then it's just their popularity contest, nothing more.

The league should allow the fans to vote on it, they could do it here on this site, it's not very hard to do.

Kanga, if the fans voted on the players, it would STILL be a popularity contest.....

yeah, but by THE PEOPLE, not just some reporters.

I think the coaches should vote. They are the most knowlegeable about the game, they break down film each week and see the stuff we as fans and the reporters generally miss. That would be a more accurate assessment of who should be on an all-star team. Take Geroy Simon for instance. Teams have to double team him- coaches know that and realize how important a receiver like Simon is as a threat . sometimes # of catches in a season is misleading when the catches are a result of double coverage elsewhere!!

........because, really guys, what would sports reporters know anyway.......certainly not anything more than say, my sister, who is vaguely aware of a sport called football that is played by, um, someone, somewhere.......

I'd take your sisters picks over kk's. LOL

I agree with turkey's suggestion , except I would add that each coach be required to abstain when voting is on players from their own team.

Thurmon is listed as a WR. All of the good recievers in the league are at slot so who was thurmon up against seeing as they really do pick Wrs at the WR spot and only Slots at the SB spot.
Thelwell is in the same boat. Neither of these guy would have won if they just went with 4 of any type of reciever.

Its hard to explain but I think you guys get what I mean.

Well I am a Rider fan, and when I saw Thurmons name on the list I was very surprised. Don't get me wrong he is a good player, but I'm not sure about All-star yet.

I have to agree.....Thurmon sounds like a "Eh, what the heck?" kind of choice to me.....I can't say that he belongs in the same "All Star" type category as some of the others there.....

yah eskihuber was already complaining to many riders on the team. if the fans voted it would be all riders.

That might be whathappened but it is wrong because in todays CFL and different formations "WR" and "SB" are just labels for the program guy start on the inside, outside, behind the QB, across the line of scrimage...Oh yeah thats not allowed. I think you have topick the 4 guys who are not RBs for the reciever postitions.

well guys, why are reporter voting and not the coaches? Kucha confused! :?