Westerman has popped up in a couple of threads, because of the trade, but I thought he might warrant his own thread so I will move a couple of posts here to continue that discussion.

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I’m at the end of my rope with Westerman already. He has done nothing to even remotely warrant any further consideration from the fans. Couldn’t have made a quicker worst first impression if he tried. He needs to pick it up or pack it up.


What are you talking about? You could have said the same thing about Delvin Breaux with his aggressiveness and penalties taken in his first year with the Cats.

If we sign Duron Carter we might be looking to send him WEST-man

They must think he’s going to settle in like Breaux, who (I’m sure Grover can tell us) I’d guess had the same number of penalties his first two games.

I think you can give Breaux a pass because of the rule changes since he was away, but Westerman you would think would know better.

Westerman is a huge CANADIAN talent at a small price tag, be patient people.

You can say the same about Laurent. At the end of the day we need to provide way more pressure on the opposing QB than we currently have. :frowning:

Laurent is constantly double teamed, taking on 600+lbs of double team lineman almost every play.
They can only double up on one guy now! :)I can see Westerman thriving 1 on 1.
Laurent never takes a play off and earns every nickel of his big paychecks

We haven’t been very aggressive with the line or sending anyone extra in an attempt to be run stoppers. I don’t think it’s been very effective. I’d like to see them pin their ears back and send the house every once in awhile.

Seems to do nothing but take 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalties that turn into points for the other team. I remember him being a beast when he was with the Bombers and I think he had 4 sacks with the Als before he was traded. It’s a disappointing start for what was one of the top 5 free agents. Maybe he doesn’t care cause he already got his money up front from Kavis Reed? I scratch my head every week when he’s behind Cappiciotti on the depth chart, then only notice him when a UR gets called. I was stoked when he came over in the trade, hopefully he picks it up.

I personally like the half back blitz along with a delayed linebacker coming to either the strong or weakside. There are numerous variations.

No question that Laurent is a talent. However, you would think that if he is being double teamed as much as you think we would be able to bring a lot more pressure with the rest of the defensive line and linebackers.

If you watch the D-Line closely, Westerman is in the backfield causing havoc almost every play.

Maybe he should be a starter for us and bring Capp off the bench?

I would be shocked if Westerman isn’t starting for the rest of the year. He played the bulk of the game against Winnipeg, with Capiciotti on the bench.

Westerman has always been a penalty machine. Here are his penalty details from 2017 & 2018


Thanks for posting the penalty stats SJ!

I see three games in two years where Westerman had two penalties in one game .

They were roughing penalties ,so he’s in the mold of a Angelo Mosca, that’s a good thing ,

Don’t coaches prefer a Player they have to smooth over the rough edges to the opposite?

Fans have written on here that last game he was called for a Horse collar tackle when in fact he grabbed the QB from the front of the QB’s jersey ,so that was a mis-call for 15 yards .

I liked that our player Westerman explained politely to the Official that he pulled the QB down from the front of his jersey ,didn’t do anything negative to hurt the team ,he’s just a bit of a ruffian playing Defensive Football …

I would call that undisciplined defensive football. He is not a rookie by any means and knows exactly where the line is. So far this year as a TiCat he has chosen to cross that line costing us yards and plays. ::slight_smile: