Westerman out for season

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Thursday that national defensive end Jamaal Westerman will miss the remainder of the 2019 Canadian Football League season with a torn triceps tendon in his right arm.
Westerman, who had yet to play a game in 2019, suffered the injury at practice earlier this week. He was recovering from an Achilles tendon rupture on September 22, 2018 at BC and was on schedule to return to the Tiger-Cats active roster next weekend.

Shocking news. We are really going to miss Waldo Westerman’s consistent effort and big play ability.
Get him on that Greatest All Time Cats list, dude was a beast for us…in practice

On the bright side. Cats must have a truckload of cash to the cap now with both Masoli and Westerman out for the season.

Man, he’s been such a bust.

Here’s hoping they use some of the cap space they’re saving on some quality NFL cuts.

The Curse of the Manziel Trade.

I’m already worried about the fate of our upcoming draft picks.

Dumping on the guy for getting hurt. Classy.

We got no use out of Williams and Westerman. Now we have to hope that those draft picks won’t be a bust.

Otherwise the trade for Manziel could be considered even. ;D

Too bad. I was looking forward to Westerman returning. He’s been snakebitten by injuries.

But I assume that now we’ll have more cap room to help us down the stretch.

Rush DE
ZERO sacks in 8 games for the Cats.
Makes $250K.
34 years old.
Just evaluating…not judging.

Westerman seems like a good dude but why was Saunders cut (A young stud receiver who produced for us) when injured and not Westerman who is a injury prone over paid older player I wonder??

I’m still hoping Saunders finds his way back to us somehow.

I agree, Dork . The bad luck troll must have been hung in his locker without his knowledge . It makes you wonder about the frequency of Achilles , bicep/ tricep , pectoral, and quad tears . Could they be the product of over-training and development ?

Nobody wants to see a player lose a season due to injury . God knows we’ve had enough of that recently .

Good luck to the young man.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

They could have easily cut Westerman and signed Shawn Lemon or signed a quality middle linebacker. Hoping players are going to perform at a high level doesn’t work.

Go figure how hindsight is always perfect.

Major foul - NOTICING. Fifteen yards will be added to the end of the play. First down.

Lenny, you are right .

Isn’t 20 - 20 hindsight wonderful and so easy to see. Westerman was a ratio buster, being Canadian .

Connor McGough might get more reps and is a better salary cap fit than Lemon . Tracy , Davis, and Howsare are doing okay with McGough as a backup.

Pat Lynch ( the old guy)

We have up o lineman Washington in that deal, so we might be down right now

On the other hand, clearing a space for Dane Evans to get second-string reps last season may be paying off this year.

Evans may be the only real winner from that trade.

The MTL 2020 and 2021 1st round picks still owed to us
were more than enough to dump Manziel off our roster.
We won that trade by a landslide! :slight_smile:

Heard in an interview with Coach O who said that even though Westerman has not been able to contribute on the field he’s been very helpful to the young players on the DL with player coaching and no doubt some advice. Sorry that he won’t be able to get back on the field this season - tough for him but the coaching staff see him as a valuable member so all is not lost.

Agreed that our team won, and losing the celebrity insurance salesman is one of the biggest reasons.

On an individual basis, it’s hard to argue that any of the players involved in the trade are both better off, and still professional football players. Even poor Tony Washington has been forced to play on a worse team and missed out on a playoff cheque last season.