Westerman gone for the season

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The @Ticats have placed DL Jamaal Westerman on 6-game injured list. Appears lost for the season, just like Chris Williams whom they also acquired in the Manziel trade.


I thought Chris Williams was just rounding into form when he was lost for the season.
Same for Westerman, too bad. Next man up.

The only guy involved in that trade who will finish the season for us is the one we traded away - Landon Rice.

Hey, dont jinx him!! :o

Quick toss salt over your shoulder!!

Kick his ass, Seabass! ;D

Seabass / Cam Neely, Boston Bruin star.

There's more bad news than Westerman going to the 6-Game List.

Avery Jordan has been suspended!

Although the depth chart for the BC rematch is not yet available, the Cats' other roster moves for this game:

Keven Palmer (OL) activated.
Brett Wade (DL) activated
Frankie Williams (DB) activated

Josh Johnson (DB) moved to the Practice Roster

Source: Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings - CFL.ca

Avery Jordon suspension - a league or a club suspension? Don’t recall any penalty in the BC game, which leads me to think a policy type suspension?

All Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings - CFL.ca tells us is that, sometime on Thursday, the team chose to move him from the Active Roster to the Suspended List.

That's extra surprising with Coach Jones having sung his praises in Thursday's post-practice Q & A with the media.

OH NO to Jordan, maybe Okafor gets a chance as a ratio buster.

Both teams depth charts are now available, confirming the TiCat changes, reported above, and only one move for BC -- Lulay is on, listed as the #3 QB, replacing Lloyd.

We don’t know the extent of Westermans injury. He went on the 6 game IL, so it could clear some much needed cap relief(Sinkfield??)
If it doesn’t require surgery, He could be back in time for the playoffs, who knows
It is just under 2 months until the East Final

Naylor reported that Westerman COULD be out for the rest of the season, not that he WOULD for sure.

i.e. Westerman could be back for playoffs.