West vs. East

With currently having 9 teams in the league, and the way things are shaping up with the disparity of the records in the West vs. the East, I had one idea that I thought might be a better solution. (This would be keeping with a West vs. East Division set up rather than a straight up best records over-all make playoffs.... some people have been talking about eliminating the divisions)

Since Winnipeg is situated in the middle of the country and has always been the team to bounce back and forth between divisions to balance them out (when Ottawa folds) , why not continue to have Winnipeg a a floating team. Depending on the record that they have, which ever division gives them the best position in that division, then they would be in that division - could be east, could be west. All the other teams stay with in their respective West or East division. Also, continue to have the crossover if there is the unbalanced win loss ratio among the two divisions.

If playoffs where to happen today.
West: 1. Calgary 2. Saskatchewan 3. Edmonton

East : 1. Winnipeg 2. Toronto 3. BC (on the crossover)

If the East were better, but the West had teams below .500, this could be reversed, Winnipeg might be positioned in the West... Keep with the division rivalries, except Winnipeg they would be the team to play most all teams evenly vs. a mainly West or East divisional match-ups.

This might not make sense to some, but it seamed logical to me.

What do other fans in the league think?

no, you can keep Winnipeg. we just got rid of them!!!

So you want to guarantee a playoff spot for Winnipeg??

No other team gets that kind of consideration…flat out no!

I can only think of one team that would find that fair, and eight that would laugh them out of the board meeting.

I fail to see the logical part...perhaps it is just me

Nope, not just you.

I like and you're my new favourite poster

The only way that happens is if David Braley buys the Bombers :lol:

Maybe the top 4 teams in the West should make the playoffs, and the 5th team gets relegated to the East. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that makes sense!! :thup:

Brilliant idea to have a floater team that can move east or west depending on circumstances. Unfortunately, fans of weaker division probably disagree as that might prevent undeserving teams in playoffs.

Go back to the way it used to be before the full interlocking schedule play most games within your division. Therefore an East teams would only host a West teams once every two years and vice versa.
More games would be played within the division and teams like Hamilton and Toronto could play more games with each other.
It would also save money on the travel.

It would also inflate the standing leaving people scratching their heads as to how a 13-5 western team could destroy a 11-7 eastern team in the Grey Cup. That does nothing to deal with the issue of imbalance between east and west that has existed for several decades.

Who cares, let the west have the regular season the cup is coming east.

So you want to take the highest drawing team (Saskatchewan) and have them not play half the league every year? I can't see how that is a good idea, who wants to watch Toronto vs Ottawa six times a year?

You keep dreaming. The east has won a whopping 11 Grey Cups in the last 36 years (west 23-11, not counting the two years we had an American division). No one in the east looks anything like a challenger this season and if they did win would set a new low for record by a Grey Cup champ. So far worst record by a winner is 8-10 and no one in the east is likely to even match that mark.

Face it, the Grey Cup game will be played 30 Nov in BC, but the winner will be decided on the 23rd in the west final.

Last year all of the highest attendance games in Toronto involved the Ticats. The highest attendance of games in Hamilton have traditionally been against the Argos. Montreal at Ottawa will always be a big draw.
Sask may have good TV ratings but can't see where attendance is better in Eastern cities when the Riders come to town.

Its not. Was in Ottawa for the Rider game and there was maybe a couple hundred Rider fans at most. They are easy to spot :wink:

The floater team could only be the Winnipeg blue bombers due to geographical positioning, and I can understand why teams in the weaker division (whether it be east or west) would have issues with this. But at the same time how can you even expect fans to take playoffs seriously when a team with a 4-14, 5-13, or 6-12 record in the east could be the second place team, or even 1st place team for that matter, especially if the 5th place team in the west has a better record and doesn't make playoffs, and the crossover team (with a potentially better record) sits in the 3rd spot!!??? Does a shitty 1st place team deserve a bye week, I don't think so.

Consider if the divisions are evenly matched, Winnipeg might be able to float into a 3rd place spot (similiar to a crossover position) then it is not such a big deal, but this year seams to be playing out with every team in the east struggling.

Consider as well that this might not matter if the league can be successful enough to gain a 10th team.

But bottom line lets keep the struggling teams out of the playoffs, and keep the deserving teams in the playoffs - Winnipeg, if they have a good record, floats to the division that is weaker, only to give a better playoff picture.

Its a league. Every team needs to play under the same rules. You open that can, maybe teams in Toronto, Montreal and BC should have a higher cap to cover the difference in cost of living and taxation. Or maybe BC plays a home game more than road game to compensate for the extra travel they do. Montreal and Toronto are allowed an extra hour a day with the players to compensate for travelling to practice field.